Thursday, June 5, 2008

We are living in a golden age (cont)

Jolie pals: 'ET' knew source fake

"Entertainment Tonight" did not name its source at the time. It later revealed that the report was based on e-mails from someone it thought was Jolie assistant Holly Goline.

Shortly after the story was posted but several hours before the broadcast aired, Goline told "Entertainment Tonight" that she was not the person with whom they had been corresponding, a person with direct knowledge of the conversation told The Associated Press. That account was confirmed by another person close to Jolie.

The TV show stood by its story Friday night, with host Mary Hart saying on the air, "Just this morning, a source who says she was inside the delivery room tells us yes, the babies were born and yes, mother and babies are fine."

The show said in a statement Wednesday that it first learned of an impostor from a letter from Jolie's attorney Monday -- three days after the broadcast.

" 'Entertainment Tonight' takes this very seriously and is, of course, concerned that the show may have been victimized by someone allegedly posing as a member of Ms. Jolie's team," the statement said. "We are actively investigating the matter and are reaching out to law enforcement agencies."

The show has not mentioned the story on the air since the initial report, and the story has been deleted from its Web site.

Is it any wonder why and how this current administration was able to con the MSM into falling for their bull$#!+ hook line and sinker? And now we depend on blogs (like dis one) and comedy shows to give us the real news? This report stuff first, investigate later attitude that the whole industry seems to have fallen into needs to stop. Now. I love how they're blaming an "imposter", while if they'd done their JOBS as JOURNALISTS an imposter would not have mattered at all.

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Corms said...

You've got it a little off. It's report first; investigate never.