Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Onion or real? (cont'd)

Study finds conservative viewers of Stephen Colbert's comedy show think he's on their side

Do conservatives not understand that Stephen Colbert is joking?

"Conservatives not only processed the messages as targeting liberals, but also processed the source as being conservative, Republican, and disliking liberals," the paper says. "By contrast, liberals perceived Colbert as just kidding."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missed Third Strike

Hmm. In addition to looking up the etymology of if you see kay today I learned about this amazing missed third strike rule. Did everyone know about this and have they been keeping it a secret or have I just been out of the loop all these years? Fungster - the wiki entry made a lot of parallels between early baseball and Cricket. Maybe its time for another cricket post.


News headline: Scientists Claim to Create Glow-in-the-Dark Dogs

Smiff goes viral

Carnival dreams of a better, pantsless world

Monday, April 27, 2009

Washington Nationals

My hometown Nationals are 2-1 going into tonight's game against the Phillies. In the last game, my little guy turned two outs in a single inning with force-outs at second. At the plate he drove one hard down the third base line. We are working on hitting as he just hacks at the ball (batts left, throws right) and he has recently developed a fear of catching a thrown ball. Kindergardeners! Any words of wisdom from the plethora of potential brain-dead GMs on the site here? Where on the interwebs can I find how to help him in the very basics.


Can I now root for GM to fail? In response to the curent market downturn, which has hit their truck and large vehicle sales particularly hard, they have decided to eliminate Saturn (small European-based cars, until recently no trucks), explore the sale of Saab (now bankrupt, small Americanized Euro cars, until recently no trucks), explore the sale of Hummer (wow!), and eliminate Pontiac (small sporty cars, until recently no trucks). Outside of US they are also looking for potential bidders for Opel (good European cars). They ruined Saab. They made Saturn into Opel and then killed it.

They are keeping GMC (all trucks), Chevy (trucks and POS cars), Cadillac (large trucks and high-end), Buick (cars for octiginarians/Chinese). With affordable cars like the Aveo, Cobalt, the Impala - with its full imprimatur of white-trashdom, and the partially redesigned Malibu - almost not-vomit inducing, how could they go wrong?

The only American car I have ever owned was a Pontiac. My dad worked for GM in Flint, MI. GM is dead to me now.