Thursday, May 7, 2009

the mystical middle-eye-in-the-center-of-the-forehead wisdom of Dusty

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Laynce Nix may have supplanted Chris Dickerson as the Reds' left fielder.

"I talked to (Chris) Dickerson," Dusty Baker said. "I said, ‘Hey man, you’ve got to go back to work. Nix is going good right now.’ It’s about winning ballgames. I’m not saying it’s all his fault. But Nix is doing his thing." The late former k-madder Nix is hitting .353 despite his bout with a virulent strain of posthumous SUCKS, while Dickerson is batting just .217 with 21 strikeouts in 60 at-bats.

Wacky foreign differences (cont)

Turkish TV blurs out cigarettes.

The Google and The Facebook, among others, switch to the language of the country you're in. Even if, say, you've used Facebook in English for like, two years, the second you log in in Turkey everything's in Turkish and you have to figure out how to change it back, when everything's in Turkish. I can understand if you just go to the Google without logging in, but once you've logged in it should go to English.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That would increase the tax base...

Todd Stroger says vetoing the Cook Co. sales tax repeal could be an "Exercise in fertility"


Whitey Panicking (again)

Fung left the States just before this whole swine flu thing blowed up. He watched from the cradle of civilization as the western world went ape $#!+ over some virus. Everyone where I was just kinda talked about it as what was going on "over there". Fung got to Europe today. Masks and fever detecting machines and panic galore. Well, in the airport anyway. Can't imagine what's happening over in Mexico and Mexico north.

when the End Times come (are they here yet?), LoC will bear a substantial responsibility

LoC is currently the only Google hit for "live-blogging the End Times."

nobody saw this coming

News item: Favre to meet with Vikings

this new kid seems to have things pretty much figgered out already

New Cubs pitcher Randy Wells on his first major league start this Friday:

"The other team wants to win. I want to win. I have to go out there and pitch a game."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lou concedes before game, Cubs lose

But he's a Hall of Fame manager, right?

San Francisco 6 Chi Cubs 2 Final


Stay Classy Cardinals' Fans

Not funny: Cardinals fan sports 'Zambrano mows my lawn' T-shirt


Why didn't we think of this?

Now on the Twitter: @HOFJoeMorgan

Sample tweets:

Sometimes homeruns are rally killers

The key to hitting a baseball is making good contact

Asian ballplayers don't argue with umps

You know, I've always said the best way to steal second base is to get a nice lead and outrun the throw by the catcher

But i think we could do better.