Saturday, May 5, 2007

ETA: Labor Day, 2011

The Mariners have pushed back Felix Hernandez's return from an elbow injury another six days. He's now scheduled to return May 15 against the Angels.
Of course, it's better than 50-50 that he'll be pushed back again. "He's fine, but we feel this is the smart thing to do with him, and he felt comfortable with it," manager Mike Hargrove said. "He will throw a simulated game on Tuesday [in Detroit], have another bullpen on the 11th, and if everything goes well, he'll start on the 15th." The Mariners are doing the right thing by being careful here. What they did wrong was to keep setting dates for his return in the first place. First it was May 4, then May 9 and now May 15.

Da Cherries blame the Cyclones for this.

Pat Hughes on Lincoln

"I never get tired of reading the Gettysburg Address..."

George Will, who ranks Ronald Reagan the fourth best president of all-time, is singing the Seventh Inning Stretch today.

In other news, Rich Hill is winning without his best stuff. Helps when it's the Nationals and the wind is blowing in a gale.

Still, a couple home runs.

Predictions on Tim Lincecum's line tomorrow night?

Friday, May 4, 2007

K-Mad, Smiff strike gold or kill anudder career?

Round 1
Team #5 Mike Smith / Kevin McClure - #601 Wladimir Balentien OF Sea

Rotoworld sez:

Wladimir Balentien, OF, SEA - ***DEEP SLEEPER OF THE WEEK*** - Each week, there's always a couple of super-hardcore dudes emailing me saying Waiver Wired just doesn't go deep enough for their league. These are the guys with the NL-only 70 man rosters, where Pablo Menchaca has been rostered since he had a twelve strikeout game on the streets of Mexico when he was 9. Gotta respect that level of intensity.

Anyway, hopefully Wladdy is unowned in some leagues. He's got a cannon arm as the right fielder for the Triple A Tacoma Raniers. Balentien has huge raw power and is hitting a mere .367/.438/.643 with 7 home runs so far. Jose Guillen has disappointed, and he has incentives in his contract based on plate appearances. (Though I may have spoken too soon – Guillen just posted a 3 for 4 evening on Thursday). Still, the Mariners have never been shy about promoting youngsters, so we could see Balentien patrolling right by June. AL: $1, Mixed: No.

no phokkin s#i+ (cont'd)

Panel: GIs' mental health at risk
Generalozziemo: "We're in the same boat, and we're all going to sink together."
RTA: System 'doomsday' looms July 1 (repeat until late for work)
CTA | Regular maintenance delays

Much Ado About Nothing

It actually looks like an inning on Score-It

- N. Cotts relieved C. Zambrano
- J. Jones in right field
- F. Pie in center field
- M. Restovich hit for J. Bergmann
- M. Restovich struck out looking
- F. Lopez walked
- M. Wuertz relieved N. Cotts
- R. Belliard popped out to right
- R. Zimmerman doubled to left, F. Lopez to third
- W. Ohman relieved M. Wuertz
- R. Church walked
- R. Theriot at second
- B. Howry relieved W. Ohman
- A. Kearns grounded into fielder's choice, R. Church out at second
- End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)

man lived with dinosaurs 3,000 years ago...

The field split on another issue, with Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo raising their hands when moderator Chris Matthews asked who did not believe in evolution.

Jesus Fucking Christ

- F. Lopez tripled to deep center
- R. Belliard grounded out to second, F. Lopez scored
- R. Zimmerman walked
- R. Church doubled to deep right, R. Zimmerman to third
- A. Kearns homered to deep center, R. Church and R. Zimmerman scored

was he also blindfolded and driving with his feet?

St. Louis pitcher legally drunk
Update: Officials say Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was drunk, transporting marijuana, talking on the phone and not wearing a seat belt when he died.

Maybe he was trying to make it into The Darwin Awards?

how would k-mad be to blame?

QT TV Listing of the Week (The Times of London):

" 'Horizon: The Six Billion Dollar Experiment.' BBC Two, 9 p.m. On Nov. 13, physicists will press the GO button on the $6 billion Large Hadron Collider under the suburbs of Geneva, recreating the conditions that were present less than a billionth of a second after the Big Bang. That's the good news. The bad news is that there is an outside chance -- something in the region of 50 million to one -- that it will create a black hole that drags gravity and everything with it into an extra, unseen dimension. So you might want to keep the day free."

annudder ting San Diego don't got

Ask Dog Lady

road trip?

18th Annual World Chicken Festival

Sept. 27-30, 2007

Awful Adam Again

Adam Eaton was pounded for seven runs in three-plus innings tonight.

No. Wait. That was Matt Cain's pitching line.


(Eaton only gave up 6 runs in 5, i guess he was awful.)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

does Decker have a boner?

Giants placed RHP Russ Ortiz on the 15-game disabled list, retroactive to May 2, with elbow neuritis in his right arm.
Could it be Tim Lincecum time?

how long before he's a Chix?

Mets purchased the contract of RHP Lino Urdaneta from Triple-A New Orleans.
Urdaneta may not get a chance to work on that infinate major leaguer ERA, as he'll probably head right back to Triple-A on Saturday. The 27-year-old was a Rule 5 pick of the Tigers in 2004, but made just one appearance, giving up six runs without retiring a batter.

if you're never on the field, how do you get injured so often?

A source close to the right-hander told the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo that Carl Pavano will likely require Tommy John surgery.

G L O A D (Cherry!) doin' it all all in Royals win

4-4, 2B, 3B, 3 R, 2 RBI, SB, and he committed an error.

Ross Gload went 4-for-4 with a triple, a double and two RBI in the win over the Angels on Thursday.
Gload has upped his OPS from 656 to 857 during a seven-game hitting streak. He'll continue to receive regular playing time against right-handers while Ryan Shealy is out and maybe beyond.


News Headline: Prosecutor: Lock up Paris Hilton for 45 days

A Great and Glorious Day

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
H.L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

Siding with the Commanders?

They say were fucqd as well...I agree with Kevin's not even funny anymore. It's like a poor joke, more stale than generic cola left open at a bar-b-que.

Meanwhile, in more important news, Billy Beane made another nifty deal. Turning some equipment bags into Langerhans into, ultimately, Chris Snelling. It's one of those ways a team without a huge amount of cash can build up as much or more depth than the big boys.

Oliver Perez threw another nice game last night, but he seems like he's walking a tightrope. There is no pitcher in baseball for whom command holds back more, including Daniel Cabrera, than Oliver Perez.

time to plant a garden? it is spring after all...

Two days remain until World Naked Gardening Day.

Smiff on easy street w/o a car...

News Headline: "Exxon profit jumps 10 percent."
News Headline: "Get ready for $4 per gallon."
News Item: "Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman expects gas prices to hit record highs this summer, but the Bush administration has no short-term plans to try to alleviate the price spike. . . ."

Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. . . .

when even despair is no fun anymore...

Stuff like this used to have a real gallows humor payoff for me, or might at least inspire wonder and fascination (shock and awe?) at our ability as a Nation to absorb the g-forces of our death-defying, shrieking-like-little-girls plummet, but this time, somehow, it just leaves me feeling hollow... as if these little nuggets of comic relief are hardly even worth mentioning anymore.

i'd rather watch flies phokk

In-progress: Follow Tiger at Wachovia

Is Smiff next?

Pamela Anderson (@)(@) is currently dating the long snapper for the San Diego Chargers.

probably because he's dead

Smelt/Prairie Chicken starting pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo said he felt no pain in his strained pitching shoulder Wednesday after his second rehab start for Triple-A Las Vegas, the Associated Press reports.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

who said it?

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is."

"I think it's also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn."

what is wrong with this picture?

Jason Marquis held the Pirates to one run and four hits over eight innings to earn his fourth victory on Wednesday.
Marquis, who entered with a 14/13 K/BB ratio, struck out five and walked none while facing the team with baseball's worst on-base percentage. Ryan Doumit became just the second hitter this year to homer off him.

When does he start getting hammered? Well??

here's a group of people i wish would get cancer and die

And take a bunch of poor phokks in Indiana and Missouri wid dem...

From bingo halls to bars, Illinoisans fume about smoking ban

Is it the Cubs or is it Yahoo?

- A. Soriano singled to center
- R. Theriot singled to shortstop, A. Soriano to second
- D. Lee struck out swinging
- A. Soriano out at second, R. Theriot to second
- A. Ramirez intentionally walked

not doing the little things

"Can you hit?" manager Ozzie Guillen asked a reporter after the game.

Maybe lay down a few bunts?

1st AB wid da Fants

Dis is how you win over a GM:

Bot 2nd: Pittsburgh - R. Doumit homered to deep right

None of dat Moises Alou 0-9 and get injured crap. Seeya, urine hands.

Sports Headline of the Year

Royals To Get A Taste Of Angels' Colon. In related news Jerry Falwell has called for a boycot of WSOC tv.

The Bush Veto

Why on earth are the Democrats confused?

The first thing they need to do, is craft a spending bill that is clear, to the point, resolute in deadlines and how much should be spent, Again. They need to make sure that within the bill is more than adequate funding for the soldiers presently in Iraq.

Then they need to speak about how this is a record, a record for the American people to examine in two years time to see exactly how gutless or clueless their representatives were and vote accordingly. They need to ask these politicians if they are loyal to an idiot/man-child president and his Iagoish vice, or to the idea that this war of manipulated information, outright lies and no apparent purpose other than to attempt to support the misbegotten ideals of a small and priviledged minority within the U.S. Government? And they need to ask, is this not supporting our troops, asking they be brought home?

The gutless wonders, worried about being portrayed by Karl Rove or whatever next emerges from the ooze of the plutocracy in an attempt to define them as "liberal" and "friends of the terrorists" will vote against their own beliefs. The bill will lose.

They will worry about being mis-portrayed as not funding and supporting "our boys," as those who have no qualms about throwing them into needless danger like to call them:

"Oh, yeah, we've been sending our boys into this place we set fire to. Then we send our other boys into the fire. It's cool. Yeah. The boys seem to like it, some of them. Yeah. Our boys are definately a credit to the nation, and not supporting their entrance into the fire is unpatriotic. You can go to hell for that. I mean they're in fire, what are you supposed to do? Not support them? We don't have any hoses. So we just kind of stand out here and cheer, and puff our chests out and talk about "the great sacrifice" "our boys" make. Sometimes we get emotional. Like on holidays."

Do Americans really feel that opposing this group is really opposing "our boys"?

Let the bill lose, pass some bill written by the devil because you helped bring the devil in, and then really start pushing for partition. Go somewhere where the Democratic Party has a chance to take the lead. Start insisting on talking to Turkey, to start talking to Iran, to start talking to Syria, to start talking to Israel and start creating what the future is going to be. Start talking about political deals to create new borders to undo what the British did when they were doing what were doing now.

Start talking to the Iraqi politicians who are going to have to be architects on this mess.

And then start giving our soldiers a real mission in a role that helps bring about partition. Baghdad will have to be Berlin.

See if we can deal with this new France and this new Germany to put some pressure on Turkey and to also offer them some reasons for going along. Swallow some crow.

Fix this.

Man, was Smiff pissed!

Britney leaves 'em wanting more

Britney Spears performs her first live show in three years at San Diego's House of Blues, but her highly-guarded performance leaves some fans upset when it ends after 20 minutes.

ooh boy--now everyone is going to drive to Indiana to smoke

Statewide smoking ban OK'd
Restaurants, bars, workplaces and all public buildings in Illinois would go smoke-free by Jan. 1 under landmark legislation passed Tuesday by the Illinois House and embraced by Gov. Blagojevich.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Frank Rich stealing my material

On Olbermann tonight regarding Bush's Iraq justifications:

" ... like rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic..."

Four Year Anniversary

"Mission Accomplished"

update: ugh, well, at least it ain't his arm...

Phil Hughes is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after straining his hamstring Tuesday in his start against the Rangers.
Incredible. At least the Yankees are getting Mike Mussina back this week, and Hughes showed enough tonight to indicate that he could be of a lot of use after the break. In truth, this injury might have been the best thing for his long-term health, as the Yankees won't be tempted to overuse him to compensate for the shortcomings of the rest of the staff. This means Kei Igawa will likely stay in the rotation following Mussina's return.

Ok...he's driving me insane...

Will...can you just talk about the players without injecting your own, always uninteresting story? Ok, you were in the clubhouse. Do they give a doorprize?

You're like the professor at Penn State Abingale or something who talks about his cocktail party in Manhattan with Harold Bloom that one time last November.

Nobody, except you, cares.

And the bed wetters.

What I most hate about Will Carroll...

Is he's not a horrible guy...his chats and articles make me think sometimes...but then there are those...things. And they're worse than nails on chalkboards.

And then I just want to give him a noogie. Or watch him trip, catch himself, and look around and see me looking at him. And then he knows that I know.

I know, Will.

good news/bad news

He could only last two starts before succumbing to the dreaded K-Mad/Smiff Injured Pitcher Effect (KSIPE).

Phil Hughes had to be pulled out of a no-hitter in the seventh inning Tuesday after tweaking a hamstring.
No, the Yankees just aren't having any luck. Hughes struck out six and walked three before being removed from a 9-0 game. The performance is sure to keep him in the rotation if he's healthy. The Yankees had been leaning toward returning him to Triple-A following Mike Mussina's return this week.

Will Carroll is an ass...

Seriously...shut up already about the gyroball and this:

"I was sitting there at ESPN previewing questions ... so forgive me."

In other words, we get it, you like ESPN and you like working for them. Fine. They suck and they represent the disneyfication of sports, but it was happening anyway. Get over "how great it is," nobody except you and the other bed wetters care.

So how's Phil Hughes?

Could the Cubs' luck please get a little?


Ty Wigginton went 0-for-4 on Tuesday and is in a 1-for-23 slump.
Wigginton has been great against lefties again this year, but he's now batting .231 with a 14/1 K/BB ratio in 78 at-bats versus right-handers. He's brutally miscast as an everyday cleanup hitter. If he has to play against righties -- and in Joe Maddon's world, he does -- he at least needs to be moved down to sixth or seventh in the lineup.

This is not shocking

Hancock blitzed Sunday morning, 3 days after an accident at 5:30 in the morning

when scary ERAs collide


Sidney Ponson vs. Edwin Jackson

sweet nothings...

Let's see:

1) Smiff out of focus and looking haggard. Wuz dere drinking involved? Chances are: Yes.

2) Not sounding good for King Felix, but whatdaphokk does Carroll know. Seems like Sarge has already established dat fact, Jack. Still..."a quickening cascade of injuries" sounds like da Cherries new name after the All-Star break. Though we lost on Jon Papelbon, we were hoping both Philip Hughes and Adam "Chico" Lind would be up by now. So it's all coming together. Lind is already mashing the ball, so he should at least be on the good side of the platoon once the less-than-average Reed Johnson returns. Better yet, just stay injured.

3) Sarge's Cubs scenario sounds rosy, but you must factor in the inevitable declines of Marquis and Lilly (and for the latter, staying healthy). And see Swindler ripping Z in the comments... Also, and let's be perfectly clear about this, this is the Cubs we're talking about.

4) Yeah, Izzy is worse than Neifi: 45 points of OPS worse over their careers (though in less friendly hitting environments). Note the lemming comment sponsoring the Izturis page @ Baseball Reference.

Smiff's Fun Fact of the day:
Career Homeruns
Cesar Izturis: 12
Carlos Zambrano: 11

5) Smiff back on a diet. "Dinner" last night: tofu surprise, lemon asparagus, and quinoa cake!! (courtesy of Whole Paycheck)

Almost forgot...

I could give a flying f-ck about the gyro ball.

Really, very seriously.

quick jottings...

First Place Again (Lord Viper Scorpian Owner - Mike Smith):

Second Place (a novel and most exciting experience as May dawns (Blue Ward Cyclone Owner and Assistant GM (in charge of scouting) - Andrew Decker):

If all that Will Carroll (bravely willing to talk about how bravely willing he is to talk about things that nobody else will talk about, like baseball injuries, and also willing to admit how willing he is to admit he has a great job) has written about Felix Hernandez is close to correct, then what in God's name is Seattle thinking at this point?

I think the Dwight Gooden comparisons have merit so far, and like Dwight Gooden, the red flags are starting to build up a little too quickly, though in more correctible ways perhaps. How often do we see organizations fail to re-evaluate their strategies and methods because they are content in doing what anybody else would do? In other words, doing just enough so nobody can blame them for failure? And throwing across the body is almost a mortal sin at this point.

I wish I was more surprised by the Cubs slow start. I do think they're about to have a decent month of May. I haven't seen their schedule yet, but Zambrano is coming around, and that should dovetail nicely with Hill returning closer to the Earth's atmosphere, and I think both Lee and Soriano are going to hit for more power in the first case, and with simply more authority in the second. What are they going to do with this team, however, if it's 8 and 1/2 out at the trading deadline? I think this month is going to see the Cubs pitching fade a bit, but is going to see a nicely resurgent offense. Especially if they can get Izzzturis a bit less playing time.

He's worse than Neifi.

this government has GONE TOO FAR

Chocolate Purists Alarmed by Proposal To Fudge Standards

"Fudge" -- get it? They're here all week, cats and dogs, etc. etc...

Maybe this will finally get the American people off their pasty, cacao fat-laden @sses and out inta da streets...

speaking of coincidence

Record high temperatures in Europe in April

Furdurmore, who woulda guessed...

"Climate change has come to Moscow. It may have snowed vindictively in mid-April, but as the winter ended officially, it was declared to have been the shortest and the warmest in 126 years. Only 28 centimetres of snow fell on the city, compared with the usual 35 to 40. Even then the white stuff lay on the ground for a mere 50 days, 80 days fewer than normal. Meteorologists dubbed the 70 consecutive days of above-freezing temperatures that stretched from November 13th to January 24th a 'thermal wave'." In December 35% of those polled complained that the unseasonably warm weather was dampening their mood; 26% reported the opposite.*
-- Economist, Moscow Briefing, May '07

* The other 39% reporting being "massively s#i+faced."

when did the YOOOOOGE @$$#0|E Dick "Dick" (Dick) Dick Cheney become a "minority voice..."

and when can we have the YOOOOOGE @$$#0|E Dick "Dick" (Dick) Dick Cheney back?

Monday, April 30, 2007

if dey're playing baseball...

it must mean anudder winning week for Da Monks.

you know your offense sucks when...

...Orlando Cabrera (career OPS .721) is your #3 "hitter".

Bowa Time nears


Yankees owner George Steinbrenner backed manager Joe Torre and GM Brian Cashman on Monday, challenging players and staff "to show me and the fans what they are made of" following a start he termed "clearly not acceptable."

expect delays, delays, and (eventually) more delays

Traffic congestion expected from Tuesday immigration rally
CTA board expected to OK new president Tuesday
CTA | Regular maintenance delays

Fants like giving to the little people

Date Player Type From To
4/30 Anibal Sánchez (Fla - SP) Add Free Agents Maddogs

Larry Bowa, Ynks Manager?

The Daily News, The New York Post, Fox News...they all agree on a few things...

1) Little five year old white girls are more important than litte five year old Arab girls
2) George Bush (or Dear Father Leader they like to intone) is actually a misunderstood genius and he is the only one who knows that Islamic fundementalist terr0rism is...bad (frowny face).
3) Global Warming is mythical or simply a natural trend, depending on the weather on any particular given day
4) Joe Torre might soon be fired

If Joe T0rre is fired, the conventional thinking goes, Larry Bowa will stand to step into the shoes of the manager of the New York Ynkees.

This would be wonderful in the best Homaisian sense as the Yankes figure to improve quite a bit beyond their lax start.

While A - Rod figures to retreat back to more non-Bondsian levels of hitting, he's still A-Rod and as much as the Yakees fans don't think he's that great, he is. One guy I met in Las Vegas last week, a big Yakees fan, had this to say: "I still don't trust him."

What is he exactly? A mole sent by the Rangers organization to destroy the Ynkees by not hitting really well against A's and Twins ptching? There are a lot of moles out there...and is the revnge then sending the Twins Sidney Ponson to knock on the door with a little sign that reads "proven veteran" strung around his neck?

Anyway, A-Rod figures to return toward the higher realms of earth, but Bobby Abreu figures to not suck completely, Hughes will contribute by the end of the year, as will Mussina and perhaps they'll wake up, get rid of Doug Meinkeovich (a three run h0merun does not a season make) and start getting something that doesn't resemble the Giambi, A-Rod and the Uselesses tour. The big question is, will they have to give up a really good prospect to get a puzzle piece at the deadline. For $195 million, you should get to keep your farm system.

Whether it's Joe Torre or a Mr. T action doll from 1983 managing, the Ynkees are going to be in the hunt before the season is over, unless they're undone by a multitude of injuries and older players all collectively getting "old" at the same time. And if that happens, it's on Cashman more than it is Torre.

Torre is not flexible, and I don't think he's a great in-game strategist. Too often, the best suited for the seventh and eighth inings are in there in the sixth, and the best guys for mopping up or sitting in the bullpen in a professional manner, are pitching in the seventh and eighth, but having said that, he's well suited for this team. Unlike New York City in general, Joe Torre is good at being patient, he's good at being calm, and he's good at sticking with players, and if you have the players the Yankees tend to have, that's a strength (unless it's Meinke...but that's another story...). Though he's got a bit of that Dusty fear and loathing of rookies. Still, it doesn't seem to be as pronounced a case and he should not, as Derek Jeter pointed out, be on the cusp of losing his job.

But it's never good when your general manager cancels a trip to DR to "be available" or whatever Cashman said about being available and there's a chance that even as I write this that Joe Torre is no more a manager of the Yankees.

And if Larry Bowa takes the position, as the haters assert, then won't it be wonderful to see one of the worst managers in bseball reaping the warm winds of the inevitable Ynkees comeback? They'll all talk about the importance of fire, and "doing the little things," the importance of clutch hitting and "having that extra gear." And while that all might be nice, the truth of the matter is that over the next few seasons, a transition between Joe Torre and say Don Mattingly or Joe Girardi would be much preferable to the sad sideshow that would be Larry Bowa's 2008 campaign.

Anyway, if anybody should be sweated under the lights, it's Cashman, who built a ptching staff more wishcasted than made for the reality of the 162 game schedule. The line-up will hit, but will the pitching pitch? If I'm Joe Torre, I'm a lot more worried about that, and more willing to take some chances, than I am about losing my job.

Losing a job to Larry Bowa is nothing to be ashamed about, it's something to shake your head about and laugh as you finish another cold one with your friends...

My school's dmonic firewall won't let me publish this unless it doesn't know it's about if anybody wants to go in and fix it...feel free. Or let it stand as a testament to the stupidity of my school. I fcking hate this sht sometimes.

A gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.

President Bush regarding benefits for military personnel:

"One of my concerns is that the health care not be as good as it possibly can be."

The system works. (cont'd)

News Headline: "Suicide bombing in Baghdad kills 12."
News Headline: "Twin Baghdad suicide bombings kill at least 60."
News Headline: "Baghdad bombings kill 34."
News Headline: "Bombings in Baghdad kill at least 183."
News Headline: "U.S. excludes bomb death statistics in touting drop in Iraq violence."

17 at bats later...cancer removed

White Sox optioned outfielder Brian Anderson to Triple-A Charlotte. When someone who hit as bad this guy thinks you suck, you suck.

now the worst ever--at awfulness

Tigers INF Neifi Perez now holds the major league record for worst career RCAA (since 1900).

1 Neifi Perez -356
2 Ski Melillo -355
3 Tommy Thevenow -351
4 Royce Clayton -316
5 Bill Bergen -312
6 Tim Foli -309
7 Larry Bowa -307
8 Alfredo Griffin -306
T9 Ozzie Guillen -305
T9 Don Kessinger -305

dis can't be good

After working with pitching coach Bob McClure, Odalis Perez has begun throwing a sinker.

With a McClure involved, look for Perez to 1) totally suck for weeks 2) get injured 3) spontaneously combust 4) all of the above.

let's not rush into anything

Top prospect Tim Lincecum struck out 14 batters in six innings to lead Triple-A Fresno to a 3-0 victory on Sunday.
Lincecum is 4-0 with an 0.29 ERA, allowing 12 hits with 46 strikeouts in 31 innings for Fresno. "We're keeping track of what's going on down there," manager Bruce Bochy said. "We know how well he's throwing, but our pitching has been fine."

was Lima-Time not available?

Shocking that El Duque is injured...

According to WFAN in New York, Orlando Hernandez has been scratched from his scheduled start Monday because of shoulder tightness and is likely headed to the disasbled list.
Chan Ho Park will be called up from Triple-A to start in El Duque's place against the Marlins. Park was 3-1 in four starts at Triple-A, but with a 7.29 ERA and six homers allowed in 21 innings there he should be avoided at all costs.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

the worst thing you can say about a player?

He's not fiery.

For Matt Wieters, it's more a case of not living up to expectations--his numbers are merely very good as opposed to dominant, and his effort is bothering some evaluators as well. "He doesn't play with a lot of energy," said one scouting director. "I like to see easy, but there's also kind of a minimum amount of effort I want to see as well."

A few random thoughts about baseball in general...

At this point, with the Giants in a wide-open race for the West, in which the wildcard is unlikely to come (I would imagine that will be a race between Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York...), one has to wonder why waste this year of Bonds resurgent?

Tim Lincecum is not going to get any more ready than he is. Does he really have more issues than Russ Ortiz?

Ortiz has pitched well this year (the Ortizes seem to like to block young pitchers this year...), but how long is this going to hold up? San Francisco plays to a pitcher a lot kinder than Baltimore and Arizona, but when one or two games might mean playing or not playing into mid and late October, why not go with the players who you can reasonably expect to give you the best chance of winning?

Even if Brian Sabean is happy with the starting pitching right now in San Francisco, he should be looking to add to the bullpen, because it hasn't been all that great - this is a pen, like Philadelphia's, that could use a big strikeout guy, and like Philadelphia, this team is playing with no breathing space.

In a league where there's this much parity, I wonder how much sense it makes to be cautious with players who are clearly ready? I'm much more sympathetic, oddly enough to Minnesota, where Garza clearly has some medical issues, though Slowey would almost definately be a huge step up from Sidney Ponson.

Yet this seems to be the pattern, and while it might cover the general manager's ass because she can point to service time, proven value and the necessity of development time, it doesn't seem to be the most effective path to winning.

Any ideas, as well, about what B.J. Upton's year-end stats are? He's really turned it around in the early going and looks exactly like what the Devil Rays thought they were getting.

As well, I think changing the Devil Rays' name is totally lame. It's not "Devil Ray" that's working against their attendance and money, it's the awful color scheme, awful home park and awful records that are working against them. They'll be taking another good pitcher in early June, so with Niemann, Jacob McGee and David Price ready to join Kazmir, or getting ready, the _ Rays could find themselves playing Ralphie Parker to the Yankees/Redsox's Scut Farkas ...

By the way, Sarge is found most in his element at

dis guy has sucked

I blame K-Mad (cont'd).

Conor Jackson is day-to-day because of a laceration on his right hand.
Tony Clark might need to fill in for him for a couple of more days. Previously limited by a hamstring injury, Jackson has just eight at-bats in 10 days.

not the start we wanted


Owner Team Name 2007 ESPN
1. seydell huevos e missos 202
857. krukker Deadwood Drunks III: Titanic Deck Chairs 47

857th out of 1328? Dat's da Deadwood Drunks? My phokking @ss. Well, the offense has been pretty bad, but Marquis and Ramon Ortiz pitching WAY over their heads is killing the Stumblin' Drunks. They better start getting hammered soon or we can start scouting for next year. Shoulda gone with Eaton, but i couldn't go against one of my own.

Yes, Adam Eaton is awful.

Man, did "Sarge" ever call dat one. Though Adam Eaton getting hammered isn't exactly going out on a limb. And without Brett Myers coming in today in the 8th and striking out 2 batters with 2 men on, dat could of have been anudder Phillies' bullpen disaster. Still, this is a terrible use of resources. Obviously, with the signing of Eaton, GM Pat Gillick thought he could trade Jon Lieber (who has been a MUCH better pitcher than Eaton throughout their careers) for a set-up man, but that never happened. And now you shouldn't want to trade Lieber with Eaton sucking so much. Eaton is pretty much untradeable himself (even for equal-badness guy with a terrible contract) since he's signed for *another* two years and is always a HYOOOGE injury risk.

Which makes one wonder whatdaphokk Gillick was thinking when he signed him to 3 years. Last year with the Rangers, working with one year remaining on his contract, he pitched a grand total of 65 innings (with a 5.12 ERA). (Also, bright move by Texas in trading Chris Young for him.) Also, Eaton has never posted an ERA below 4 or pitched 200 innings in a season. And he missed significant parts of 4 seasons. All of this nets him a 3-year deal? At best, he should have been a 1-year-with-maybe-an-option signing. Granted, this signing was before Freddy Garcia was acquired, but the Phillies would have been much better off signing or trading for a couple relievers (the Braves did it) and hoping Lieber could stay healthy.

Will Eaton get better? Sporting a 7.71 ERA he pretty much has to. But the Phillies would probably be better off with him getting injured again, moving Myers back in the rotation, and forcing Gillick to find a set-up man somewhere (how hard can this be?).

Well, today went much better with the ageless Jamie Moyer twirling a gem, and the offense getting a couple big hits (Greg Dobbs, anyone?). After an AWFUL start, da Fightin' Phils move to 2 games under. Take dat, Philly haters.

By the way, when did adecker31 become Sarge and when can we get adecker31 back?

sign outside Coal Kiln Crossing, Virginia: "You just missed some mighty good BBQ"

Bob Howry, who strained something in his upper back while moving his barbecue grill Thursday, said he felt better on Saturday when he did some throwing.

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about da linkage...

I notice that LaughAloud one is a lot more civilized than this one. Perhaps the linkage association will drag it down to our level. I also notice that that Gov Docs Guy thingy appears to be down. Did it finally become so boring that it put itself to sleep? And oh yeah, sKILLy said it would be nice here today, and it was. Take dat, haters!