Saturday, May 19, 2012

An apology

According to the stats page for this blog, over the past month, 12 people have been led to this site from Suckers!

QT is BACK, baby! #artisanal #BeefSupreme

News Headline: "Beef industry searchers for solutions after 'pink slime' uproar."
News Headline: "What if it weren't called pink slime?"
Too late for that. It is irrevocably called pink slime.
The question now is: How do we get Americans to eat pink slime?"
The answer?
Call it Artisan Pink Slime.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

The world's most expensive hot dog is now MADE IN AMERICA (NO KETCHUP!)

Earlier this year, some Canadian thought he could beat Americans at our plutocracy/encased meats nexus game - an idea so wrong, the original article has been scrubbed from the internets.

America is BACK, baby!

Hot Dog Mike Juiliano creates The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog (comma) for charity

I guess if your parents name you Hot Dog Mike, it kind of limits your career choices.

Previously, Canada held the record for the most expensive hot dog, but he thought it was time to bring the title back to America, intending no offense to Canada. (America: PHOKK YEAH!! SUCK IT, Canada ... Ed.)

The dog – made with a quarter-pound of premium beef – was also topped with lobster tail and saffron aioli. (NO KETCHUP! Ed.) ... Bystanders questioned whether the condiment covering her face was mustard or gold. At the same time, Juiliano assured everyone that the gold was "American gold" (PHOKK YEAH! Ed.).


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dusty-like shenanigans (cont'd)

Reds manager Dusty Baker said Wednesday that the plan is for Aroldis Chapman to start "someday." (The inference being that it won't be happening anytime soon. Chapman has posted a dominant 0.00 ERA and 32/5 K/BB ratio in 18 1/3 innings of relief this season and deserves a long-form look. But Baker is as stubborn as they get and seems to think he has the Cuban left-hander pegged correctly as a setup man.)

Baseball FAIL - Democracy FAIL degrees of separation

In the final days, Joe Ricketts, the wealthy AmeriTrade founder whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, threw $200,000 into television ads questioning Mr. Bruning’s character and business record. Mr. Ricketts is one of the primary funders of an anti-incumbent "super PAC," the Campaign for Primary Accountability, that has been roiling congressional races throughout the country.

The non-apology apology: so tricky to execute, it requires a committee

"O’Brien appointed a committee of three representatives to work with Vaillancourt to come up with an appropriate apology..."