Saturday, August 16, 2008


Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe finally won a gold in Beijing, defending her Olympic title in the 200 backstroke with a world record of 2:05.24. She lowered the mark of 2:06.09 set by Margaret Hoelzer at the U.S. trials last month.

However, Canada has surged past Togo, and closing in on Kirsty...

Zimbabwe 1 3 0 4
Canada 1 1 1 3
Togo 0 0 1 1

Friday, August 15, 2008


Guys running around in circles... THIS is the Olympics. None of this ping-pong crap.

Seriously, if the Chinese can have their ping-pong and the Brits can have their horsie-jumping, why can't the Americans have bass fishing in the Olympics?

things that make you go HOLY PHOKKING S#I+ WE'RE SO PHOKKED

But we should be drilling offshore.

Mass Extinction Event On the Horizon?

Of course, since it's on NPR, it's a pile of liberal elitist pooh.

McCain dreams of being Teddy Roosevelt but without all the substance part....

Simply put, John McCain is a douchebag, but here's some more thoughtful commentary:

McCain has attacked Barack Obama for his popularity, on the advice of Karl Rove acolytes in his camp who think that being a global celebrity is a bad thing.

You want celebrity? As the most popular American in the dawning decade of the American Century, Teddy Roosevelt was a global superstar — “the most popular human being that has ever existed in the United States,” as Mark Twain wrote.

He spoke to throngs in Europe, gave lasting speeches at the Sorbonne and Oxford. Often, he parried with his foreign guests in their own language. During his travels throughout Europe, South America and Africa, he could not so much as bite into a sandwich without being asked to comment on the bread.

Stirring words meant something coming from Roosevelt. The man and the persona could shape world opinion.

Both McCain and Roosevelt are Republicans, though Roosevelt famously bolted from his party to run as a Progressive in 1912, trying for a third term after sitting out four years in favor of the befuddled William H. Taft.

But Roosevelt clearly tried to steer his party away from what would now be seen as its hard-right elements — big money, anti-environmentalism, race-baiting — into what he called in his autobiography “the fairly radical progressive party.”

Born of money in New York City, educated at Harvard and fussy in dress, Teddy Roosevelt might today be seen as, um, an elitist. But he turned against his class, not just busting the monopolies and promoting public ownership of natural resources, as most students of his presidency know, but taking hard verbal swipes at the predatory rich.

He called them “malefactors of great wealth” and “the most dangerous members of the criminal class — the criminals of great wealth,” in two of his best-known phrases.

Appalled by the historic gap between rich and poor, Roosevelt favored a national inheritance tax. “Of all the forms of tyranny, the least attractive and most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy,” he said.

A century later, in a time of similar disparity between rich and poor, McCain wants to cut the corporate tax rate, and keep those tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans that ushered in the Bush age of privilege. His campaign is thick with lobbyists who embody everything about how power in Washington has shifted to the well-connected moneyed class.

“I have often been called a socialist,” Roosevelt wrote. In fact, he despised the far left as much as the far right. But he said, “I have always maintained that our worst revolutionaries today are those reactionaries who do not see and will not admit that there is any need for change.”

McCain sidles up to Big Oil and calls for more drilling, whereas Roosevelt went after the resource monopolies. When Standard Oil donated $100,000 to his campaign, he requested that it be sent back.

Teddy was also known for a big stick foreign policy and his heroics as a warrior; in that sense the McCain comparisons may be closer to the mark. Roosevelt was honest enough to admit that war could be stirring.

“All men who feel any power of joy in battle know what it is like when the wolf rises in the heart,” he wrote.

Yet, this saber-rattler was also a master diplomat, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for helping to resolve the Russo-Japanese conflict.

In at least one way, Roosevelt is closer to Obama. A prolific author who also penned more than 100,000 letters, Teddy wrote 15 books by his 40th birthday. Obama got his start as an author, and shows a literary flair rare among politicians.

On race, Roosevelt was a man of his time, sharing some of the more absurd anthropological notions of the day.

Yes, he brought the wrath of the South on him by hosting the black leader Booker T. Washington in the White House. Yet it was a different Roosevelt who wrote his friend Owen Wister on the question of what to do about “the negroes” in 1906.

“I entirely agree with you that as a race in the mass they are inferior to the whites,” he wrote. But he added, “I do not know a white man in the south who is as good a man as Booker Washington today.”

The Russians are Coming!

Fighter jets have been screaming by our offices for hours now! This must be the precursor to an all out attack on Da City Dat Works! Oh the humanity!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

America in a Nutshell

HATING the Crab Queens for already drafting this guy

Even Without a Gold Medal, Strasburg Could Be No. 1
Team USA Pitcher Seen as Top MLB Pick

Fun Wid Wiki

Fung searched wiki for "Fridge", and just loves the last part of the header...

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abridged medal count

Zimbabwe 3
Togo 1
Canada 0

Canadian nationalists demand more medals

The nationalists at their National Post, that is:

[A] country as young, prosperous, healthy and intelligent as Canada should be doing better, now. We have heard for years that our athletes will shine at the next Summer Games or the one after. It’s time to stop putting off success until tomorrow while making excuses today.

If we need more training facilities, let’s build them. If we need better coaches, let’s hire them, no matter where in the world we must recruit them. Is our national attitude the problem, or our athletes’ attitude? Are we and they too content with their personal bests rather than world records and Olympic wins? Is it the fault of our national sports associations and executives?

Fungster is always the last to know

US airline 'broke safety rules'

American Airlines committed safety breaches including flying planes known to need repairing, US aviation officials allege.

We are living in a golden age (cont)

Posted by Michael David Smith on August 12, 2008, 7:24 p.m. EDT

Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson was fined $5,000 for wearing “Ocho Cinco” on the back of his jersey before a game in 2006.

To avoid getting fined, Johnson hasn’t done it since then. But Johnson now has a plan for how he can get away with having “Ocho Cinco” spelled out over the “85″ on his back.

We’ve learned that Johnson has taken the first steps in the state of Florida toward legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco.


If Johnson follows through on this, his actual, legal name will be Chad Ocho Cinco, and the NFL would then (we assume) allow him to put his new last name on the back of his jersey.

From a business standpoint, this might be Chad’s way of picking up some of the extra cash that he wants to make but that the team has said it won’t give him. The jersey would instantly become one of the NFL’s top sellers, and NFL players get a cut of all sales of their jerseys.

In recent interviews, including one on ESPN Monday night, Johnson has made veiled references about future plans that he has said will change the way fans think about him. This is a strange one, to say the least.

158 days of the BRAIN-DEAD MORON left...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What hope is there for drunks like K-Mad & Smiff when an alleged teetotaler like Fung is pounding the beers like this?

(Ok, Stella really isn't a beer, but you know what i mean.)

This is one of those moments when having a war criminal in the White House makes everything so awkward

Civilians were only targets left as Russia kept bombing

beach bikini rumble

But no whipped cream?

Georgian-Russian hostilities spill over to beach volleyball


Fungster back in northern hemisphere, reflecting...

Fung's back from down South, exploring the world as he always done. Verdict: thumbs up. You should go. It's like the middle of winter there, and the temp yesterday was warmer than today in Chi-town, in the middle of summer. 'Nuff sed. Kinda like Chicagah though, the weather can change at a whim. We didn't make it to the Corcovado (that's where the famous statue is) until yesterday - most days it either clouded over or we got lazy. It's also not quite as expensive as I initially intimated - but by golly they'll try and make it so. "Don't be naive" was the advice.

It's probably time to say goodbye to an old friend. My current passport has been to Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America. The others didn't make it to Asia or South America, though they have interesting stories of their own. Now, it is getting close to 6 months to expiry, and they don't always let you travel when that's the case. So it's time to renew it. Which means a new passport picture. That should be fun...

FISK August supplemental draft alert

News item: Laynce Nix has been recalled from Triple-A Nashville, according to the AP.

SUCKS-like symptoms infest Team USA dugout

Night of the Tiffees Part II - The Horroring

With former/current K-Madders Tiffee, Koplove, LaPorta, Schierholtz, Marson, and most ominously, Dexter Fowler on his first day as a Prairie Chicken, these poor phokks never had a chance.

Jung Bong started for Korea. Winning pitcher: Y Suk Min.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fung ain't gonna like this

Zimbabwe has won two medals at the Olympics, both by the same white chick!

Hey, Russia*, invading sovereign countries with governments we don't like: That's Our Phokking Job

Dumbass Bush warns Russia
President Bush demands that Russia end the violence in Georgia.

*In McCain speak: "Soviet Union"


A Great Day for Dusty: Seeya Base-Clogging, Whiff Machine

Diamondbacks acquired outfielder Adam Dunn and cash from the Reds for RHP Dallas Buck and two players to be named later.

And yet the world's dumbest GM still thinks they're in a playoff race...

Astros GM Ed Wade said Sunday that the team isn't interested in signing Barry Bonds to replace Carlos Lee in left field. For now, the team will have Darin Erstad take over in left, with Ty Wigginton and possibly Lance Berkman also seeing some time in the outfield.


I insist that we add this website to our blogroll. Simply the best.