Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Um yeah...

Driving to Elgin the other day on I-90 and on the roadside, on the side of a truck is a big Ryan-Romney sign.  No big deal there, except that the side proudly proclaims - this business was family built with no government assistance. 

Not sure what they mean by assistance, but kind of interesting that the sign is really just visible from the Federally-funded highway.  I'm guessing they don't pay for the roads they drive on either.  And I was wondering, have they ever been sued or sued someone?  If so, I'm guessing they may have used the court system.  Maybe the Canon courts took a look at their case though.  A co-worker wondered how they are getting water and electricity to their building.  Presumably, most members of the family were home schooled rather than public schooled.  And I could go on and on.  Do they just mean that the business didn't get foodstamps, Medicare or Medicaid?  If so maybe the sign should be more clear.