Friday, December 3, 2010

He's our a$$hole

Even the Cubs hate him... and for good reason...

LoC Modern Corporate Gibberish in the News

Integrys mulls offer for Nicor

Olbermann rips the lazy, ignorant phokks who kept Santo out of the Hall

Ron Santo and baseball's shame

The crescendo of indignation builds just like they do in KO's special comments. You can almost hear an Affleckian full-on rant coming on.

On a personal note, too late did I learn to appreciate the artistry of Santo's radio broadcasts.

So now we know: 10% of Chicagoans are heartless, brain-dead Sox fans

Should Santo be inducted into the Hall?

In your estimation, should Ron Santo be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame?

* Yes (7060 responses) 90%

* No (776 responses) 10%

7836 total responses

(Results not scientific)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Annudder Gift Idea

Santa/Obama Nexus, or, When Redistributors Attack the Christmastution

Taking his message into Yuletide mode, Hedrick penned "The Liberal Clause," a tea-party-themed Christmas book for children featuring a socialist Barack Obama, "Elf Peloosi" and special appearances by Joseph Stalin (No Hitler cameo? Disappointing... Ed.) and an Afro-centric minister named "Reverend Blight."

Hedrick is traveling to New York today to film a Christmas-special segment for Comedy Central's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Hedrick consultant Robert Harmon told The Ticket. "And sales-wise, he's doing great," Harmon added. (Yay! Ed.)

Hedrick lost his insurgent GOP primary bid in August but has segued promptly into promoting "The Liberal Clause." (Hedrick has also been busy appearing in court, on assault charges filed by his wife -- who has since sought to rescind a no-contact order between the couple, claiming that he was trying to calm her down at a time when she was "out of control.") (Ho! Ho! Ho! Ed.)

"The Liberal Clause" depicts socialist elves (Redundant? Aren't they all socialists? Ed.) -- led by Obama -- trying to take over the North Pole (forcing elves to reduce their carbon footprint, among other power grabs) and control Hedrick's hometown of Camas, Washington.

But one little girl's dedication to the "Christmastution" (Is that a thing? Ed.) saves the town from a complete takeover.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

News item: A 37-year-old woman was arrested Sunday on allegations of pushing a 100-year-old woman working as a greeter at a Milwaukee Wal-Mart, a police spokeswoman said Monday.