Friday, March 6, 2009

eventually, at some point in the next, oh, five and a half years, they're going to have to pick one of these guys and let him run for re-election

Franken Has Good Day, Potentially Netting Over 30 Votes

Even Republicans are saying, "He's #UCK!NG N@TS!"

Republicans Look for a Reliever in Kentucky

WASHINGTON — One of the entrenched narratives in American politics is the case of the guy who refuses to quit, even though a lot of people on his own team want him gone.

While the Democrats are preoccupied with Senator Roland W. Burris and his ties to a tainted Illinois governor, the Republicans are trying to rid themselves of Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, the former baseball star who clearly has little use for some colleagues and party leaders, and who keeps exhibiting what one senator calls “behavior issues.”

Key Republicans are gently (or not gently enough) trying to dissuade Mr. Bunning from seeking re-election in 2010 out of concern that his paltry fund-raising, declining approval ratings and irascible conduct have made him something between vulnerable and unelectable.

But in recent weeks, Mr. Bunning has shown no sign of stepping aside and delivered a string of incendiary pronouncements that have fed an impression that he is, to go with a baseball metaphor, a bit of a screwball."....

He's right about one thing:

“I don’t believe anything John Cornyn says,” Mr. Bunning fired back.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News item: D.C. bus driver punches out McGruff

WASHINGTON — A bus driver thought it would be funny to take the bite out of McGruff the crime dog by punching the mascot, but police said children who witnessed the stunt were horrified.

Will Alzheimer's sufferer "No Title" Nellie remember where the Warriors are playing tonight? Or if they are playing at all??

Corey Maggette was a surprise play off the Warriors' bench on Tuesday after Don Nelson changed his mind just before game time and decided to play him. Maggette had 16 points and seven rebounds, but also committed six turnovers and didn't have an assist tonight. If he was in your lineup, you have to be pleased that Nellie had a change of heart, and early word out of Oakland is that Maggette should play again on Wednesday.

Or not. Who the phokk knows with this phokking idiot of a coach. Operation shutdown, not playing a veteran every game. Shouldn't the NBA put a stop to this? Used to be they would scorn on tanking with 2 weeks of the season left. How about 2 months? And how bad must Minnesota be to get blowd out by Golden State?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicago catches the ice hockey fever (or maybe it's the bird flu)

Whose jersey do you see most around the city of Chicago?
: Patrick Kane
: Jonathan Toews
: Patrick Sharp
: Brian Campbell
: Player from the past
: What in the name of sweet Jesus are you talking about?

Pole Tax (geddit? huh huh)

Should Illinois have a porn tax?

Cash-strapped states have begun considering taxing more vices. Is it a good idea? Vote

I object

I eat my hot dogs how I want them - with Ketchup and nuttin else. No relish. No onions. No tomatoes. No peppers. None of that udder gunk. Just meat, bun, ketchup. Simple. Yummy. Wanna put lotsa gunk on something? Eat a burger. Leave my hot dog alone.