Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whitey Keeping Darky Down (again)

So some 18 year old South African came from nowhere to just crush all the other women at the World Championships in the 800m race, so now she has to prove she's a she. Well actually she started the crushing a few weeks ago and so they started testing but apparently testing to see if you're a man or a woman takes "weeks", and the test couldn't be completed in time for the World Championships. So she hasn't truly won yet - not until whitey is satisfied that she's XX. Stay tuned for the results, for which I'm sure there will be some sort of dramatic press conference.

So just remember - whiteys are phenoms. Darkies - gender cheaters until proven to be phenoms.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They sure grow up fast these days

Is there a more "American" headline?

7-year-old shoots 4-year-old with mom's gun
Associated Press
Published on Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 13:38 in World section
Detroit, Shooting , Flint
INVESTIGATIONS ON: The four-year old was taken to a local hospital and is critical.

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Bra deflects bullet aimed at Detroit woman

Flint (Michigan): A four-year-old boy remains in critical condition after police say he was shot by his seven-year-old cousin on Flint's north side.
Authorities say the shooting happened just before 10 pm on Sunday, about 55 miles northwest of Detroit.
Police told The Flint Journal that the seven-year-old boy found a loaded gun in his mother's bedroom, went into his own room, pointed the gun at his cousin and fired.
The four-year old was taken to a local hospital. No further details were released.
The state Department of Human Services is investigating.


An asshole to the very end

Robert Novak: I Didn't Hurt Plame at All -- And 'The Hell with You'!
Lengthy Q and A with the ailing columnist in the new Washingtonian. At end they get around to asking about the CIA leak case. Novak replies in part: "From a personal point of view, I said in the book I probably should have ignored what I’d been told about Mrs. Wilson.
"Now I’m much less ambivalent. I’d go full speed ahead because of the hateful and beastly way in which my left-wing critics in the press and Congress tried to make a political affair out of it and tried to ruin me. My response now is this: The hell with you. They didn’t ruin me. I have my faith, my family, and a good life. A lot of people love me—or like me. So they failed. I would do the same thing over again because I don’t think I hurt Valerie Plame whatsoever." -- Greg Mitchell


Jon Stewart has noticed that an awful lot of Lou Dobbs viewers seem to be agreeing with Lou Dobbs lately...

Blogger is telling me the embed code is "broken." (More likely, Blogger still sucks. Not that an actual person is to blame.) So here's the link.

Meanwhile, it's a little puzzling that only an overwhelming majority -- but not a shocking majority -- of Lou Dobbs viewers agreed with Lou Dobbs last night.

Question: Top Obama administration officials over the weekend said the public government-run health-care option is not an essential part of the plan. But then other officials walked back from those trial balloons. Do you believe the public option will be killed, or is this an attempt to quiet those middle-class Americans who speaking out?

The Public Option Will Be Dropped ~ 10%
Just More Gamesmanship by the Administration ~ 90%

What the phokk is this shit?

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stop me if you've heard this one before

News item: Favre's agent: 'It's a done deal' that QB will sign with Vikings