Friday, October 9, 2009

Onion Or Real?

Marge Simpson a Playboy covergirl

Apparently Flanders wants to get the 20 year olds to read a magazine who's average reader age is 35.

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Apparently everyone was so scared shitless by Dumbya and Dick "Dick" (Dick) Dick that just replacing them meant a hyooooge increase in peace all over the world.

Earth to Moon - It's on, bitch

Finally - an enemy we can all agree on. What has the moon done for us lately?

Another label needed: zombie/End Times nexus

"Zombies are an apocalyptic threat, we are living in times of apocalyptic anxiety (and) we need a vessel in which to coalesce those anxieties..."

LoC: Still the only source on the Google for "live-blogging the End Times," by the way...

2000 labels - is that a lot?

And today we could really use a "brain-dead Norwegians" label.

I deleted "Alfonsucko SUCKS" but it won't let me create "Alfonsucko the 12-fingered freak SUCKS." I don't see how the work of the Nation can move forward.

This appears to be a new feature?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Push Polled

Just got off the phone with the NRA. A message from the president with a one question poll. I was informed that the UN "one world government" and the [evil] Hillary Clinton are conspiring to take away guns from US citizens. I was kind of laughing and smirking through the whole tape recorded message. I wanted to say something clever once the gentlemen after the recorded message asked me if I opposed the plan of the UN and Hillary to take away guns - but all I could say was I disagreed with the premise of the question. I did say I supported the 2nd Amendment, which I do - with perameters. I am not big on my neighbors having nukes - which the plain language of the amendment could be read to allow - after all a weapon unused is a useless weapon. I guess if I had more energy I could have tried to engage the man in a conversation or told him I favored socialism or asked him about why he believed what he believed - oh well. Maybe I still like the Americans I disagree with too much. I told him I'd look in to the plan to strip my fellow Americans of their constitutional rights and thanked him for informing me about this potential move against liberty.

Maybe ... best line ever.

"I didn’t want to wake up tied to a tree, being invited to squeal like a little piggy for the entertainment of a 20-year-old psychopath in giant dun­ga­rees, with three teeth in his head and a bitter hatred of anyone who wasn’t also a 30-stone homophobic racist who shot at things he didn’t understand."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to close shop?

You're not going to believe this shit: we have reached blogger's limit of 2000 labels. (I tried "America hating Conservatives now happy" with the last post.) Yeah, i know, WHAT THE FUCK? I mean, the PHOKKING THING SUCKS! Since the labels are the chief reason to be here, and since no one posts anymore since Obama was elected and everything is better now, is there a point to carry on? Also, Blogger can blow it out the ass. I can't even add a "Blogger SUCKS" label now. And that sucks because THEY SUCK. I mean, i'm really beside myself here.

Thoughts? Better yet, how can we bring Blogger down in a fiery crash?

Yet another Chicago sports' embarrassment