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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mysteries from the LoC Stats Files: Search Keywords of the Poor Suckers Who Wind Up Here

Search Keywords
"kc" "raccoon it's what's" "folksy"
"latticeofcoincidence" "kansas city"
black 14" oem monkey bars
bumble bee guy from simpsons
girl sucking dog dick
kardynał tarcisio bertone
kobe lobster real
nude recreation
quinquagenarian milf
simpsons bee guy

CNBC, Donald Trump, and the willful self-dumbering of America (cont'd) #BRAWNDO

"Perhaps citing, as I clearly stated on air, an unconfirmed report from a conservative website was not the most conventional method to elicit a response from the loquacious Mr. Trump."

True. Next time just give him the mic and let him talk, since the journalism thing is apparently too much work for you.

On a related note, since Trump has chosen to double down on the brain-dead birther thing, the building in Chicago formerly named after him will henceforth be known as Rostenkowski Tower, or more colloquially, The Rosty.

Artisanal Dough "Nuts" in the News

Glazed and Infused has opened its first two locations, at 1553 N. Damen Ave., near the Damen Blue Line stop in Wicker Park, and at 813 W. Fulton Market in the West Loop. A third shop, at 929 W. Armitage Ave.,opens in July.

According to Crain's:

The artisanal doughnuts are made fresh each day from whole ingredients (local butter, eggs, cream and fruit when available) and trans-fat-free shortening. The doughnuts are made with two distinct batters — light, fluffy yeast doughnuts and cake doughnuts. Flavors include: maple bacon long john (inevitably - Ed.), PB&J, vanilla bean glazed, crème brûlée, apple fritter and red velvet. 

Unlike Dunkin' Donuts, these really sound like they are legitimately artisanal, and knowing how much people eat up that artisanal s#i+, this should be a hit. My only criticism is that they passed up the opportunity to spell "infused" with a z -- "infuzed" -- which would have been phokking awesome.