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Tattoo parlor sued again over misspelled tattoo

Hmm... I guess the monkeys with the typewriters had better get back to work.

help a moran

Still figuring out facecrap... Ok, Corms sent me a "movie compatibility" quiz, but i am already a flixster member and we're already friends there. I don't want to open another flixster account, so how do you link from facecrap to an existing flixster account? i looked and looked - doesn't appear to be an option. i'm using the same email address for both, so you'd think this would be easy. Please, help a moran...

The only thing worse than a whiner...

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.

McCain adviser Gramm quits after 'whiners' remarks

By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer

Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm resigned Friday from his role as GOP presidential candidate John McCain's campaign co-chairman, hoping to quiet the uproar that followed his comments that the United States had become a "nation of whiners" whose constant complaints about the U.S. economy show they are in a "mental recession." Gramm, a past presidential candidate, made the remarks more than a week ago. McCain immediately distanced himself from the comments, but they brought a steady stream of criticism just as McCain is trying to show he can help steer the country past its current financial troubles. Gramm said in a statement late Friday that he is stepping down to "end this distraction."

"It is clear to me that Democrats want to attack me rather than debate Senator McCain on important economic issues facing the country," Gramm said. "That kind of distraction hurts not only Senator McCain's ability to present concrete programs to deal with the country's problems, it hurts the country. To end this distraction and get on with the real debate, I hereby step down as co-chair of the McCain campaign and join the growing number of rank-and-file McCain supporters." Gramm made the comment to The Washington Times and later explained that he was talking about the nation's leaders not the American people. Democrats claimed at the time that the Gramm comments showed that McCain is out of touch with voters' concerns over high gas prices, the struggling housing industry and the shaky economy in general.

The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Gramm's departure will make little difference to McCain's economic policies. "The question for John McCain isn't whether Phil Gramm will continue as chairman of his campaign, but whether he will continue to keep the economic plan that Gramm authored and that represents a continuation of the polices that have failed American families for the last eight years," said Obama campaign spokesman Hari Sevugan.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Will we make dis list?

Or do we not count since we have members outside the area?

Goin' down...

US slips down development index

Now, is it just me, or is there a correlation between dis map and da red state/blue state map?

will Fung finally stop complaining?

CTA adds 15 new routes to Bus Tracker

(Crain’s) — The Chicago Transit Authority on Monday will add 15 bus routes to its Bus Tracker program.

The addition means that arrival times for nearly half of all 153 CTA bus routes can be tracked via the Internet at . .

The routes that will be activated Monday are:

* No. 7 Harrison
* No. 8 Halsted
* No. 10 Museum of Science & Industry
* No. 12 Roosevelt
* No. 17 Westchester
* No. 18 16th Street/18th Street
* No. 38 Ogden/Taylor
* No. 52 Kedzie/California
* No. 125 Water Tower Express
* No. 126 Jackson
* No. 129 West Loop/South Loop
* No. 146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express
* No. 147 Outer Drive Express
* No. 148 Clarendon/Michigan Express
* No. 156 LaSalle

TGIF? Yes, but everything sucks everywhere...

• Quitter: In dramatic shift, Bush agrees to time 'horizon' on Iraq troop cuts
Crane collapses at Houston refinery, killing 4, injuring 6
Gasoline prices in remote Alaska village hit $8.55 a gallon
Rejected baby panda adopted by house cat dies in Amsterdam

More local Starbucks to close
18 area stores are on the hit list. Map (where K-Mad won't be)
Hundreds of baby penguins washing up dead on Brazil's tropical beaches
Red Line weekend reroutes
RTA officials warn of service cuts, fare hikes
Fan who won contest, sang at Wrigley dies at age 23 (he will be missed)
McCain discusses tough economy with auto workers
"Straight Talk: Fellas, time to find a millionaire beer heiress."
Phil Rogers: Phil Rogers' midseason baseball awards
MVPs: J.D. Drew & Pat Burrell: funny, funny stuff
(Hamilton, Kinsler, Chipper, Berkman et al.: don't play on contending teams... woops, Phil's feeding tube has fallen out...)

County jobless rate at highest level in 13 years Unemployment in San Diego County last month jumped to its highest level in 13 years, fueled by year-to-year declines in construction and real estate, according to data released by the state. (Let's see: Republican President, Republican Governor, Republican Mayor...)
It's cool now, but it's going to get muggy (PHOKK!)
California: Measure to prohibit gay unions is trailing (whaaa, well, there's still time for the troglodyte ads to hit the airwaves...)
Norman, Duval turn back clock at British Open No Tiger? Old white guys in contention...YAY.
Eye gnats hit Jacumba
12 San Diego-area Starbucks listed for closure...

the troops must really be loving all this supporting of them we're doing (we know you're busy - you can thank us later)

Electrical Risks at Iraq Bases Are Worse Than Said

WASHINGTON — Shoddy electrical work by private contractors on United States military bases in Iraq is widespread and dangerous, causing more deaths and injuries from fires and shocks than the Pentagon has acknowledged, according to internal Army documents.

During just one six-month period — August 2006 through January 2007 — at least 283 electrical fires destroyed or damaged American military facilities in Iraq, including the military’s largest dining hall in the country, documents obtained by The New York Times show. Two soldiers died in an electrical fire at their base near Tikrit in 2006, the records note, while another was injured while jumping from a burning guard tower in May 2007.

And while the Pentagon has previously reported that 13 Americans have been electrocuted in Iraq, many more have been injured, some seriously, by shocks, according to the documents. A log compiled earlier this year at one building complex in Baghdad disclosed that soldiers complained of receiving electrical shocks in their living quarters on an almost daily basis.
. . .

Heather Browne, a KBR spokeswoman, would not comment about a company safety study or the reports of electrical fires or shocks, but she said KBR had found no evidence of a link between its work and the electrocutions. She added, “KBR’s commitment to the safety of all employees and those the company serves remains unwavering.”

your bad day at work is not as bad as this guy's bad day at work

Gun briefing backfires in China

Three Chinese reporters attending a police briefing on the success of an anti-gun campaign were accidentally shot, media reports say.

why the Chicago Tribune will survive

It captures the pulse of the city (for as long as we have one).

A field guide to Chicago's doughnuts

Now this is a movie review...

From San Diego's weekly, lefty rag, CityBeat:

Beck '08: Just so we're clear: Glenn Beck is a total fucking dickhead, and we wouldn't include his bullshit here if it weren't for our self-imposed total-coverage mandate. His one-man comedy show is being simulcast live in theaters across the country on Thursday, July 17 [damn! missed it--ed.]... But seriously? Stay home. Fuck that guy."

Glenn Beck? Comedy show?? Can I stab out my own eyes instead? Well, might be good for a drinking game: you drink every time he makes a Obama/Osama "joke". Funny stuff, i'm sure...

why didn't smarty-pants McClure pfink of dis one?

Last-Ditch Resort: Move Polar Bears to Antarctica?


Phitin' Phils!

They can plan the parade now. Somewhere I know Smiff is smiling. No more Adam Eaton. Blanton can stop getting pounded in that bandbox Coliseum against that insanely strong hitting American League West - with its Seattles and Los Angeles Anaheim Californias and its Texasses and start carving up the competition in the NL East at the Philly Canyon. This guy's gonna last Smiff says. He's no Rich Harden.

No. No he's not.

A’s trade Blanton to Phillies
By JANIE McCAULEY, AP Sports Writer Jul 17, 8:03 pm EDT

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP)—The Oakland Athletics traded away their second starting pitcher this month, dealing burly right-hander Joe Blanton to the Philadelphia Phillies for three minor leaguers on Thursday.

A’s general manager Billy Beane swapped Blanton a week after sending Rich Harden to the Chicago Cubs—and that’s with his team very much in contention in the AL West, six games behind the first-place Los Angeles Angels.

“Philadelphia was aggressive,” Oakland assistant GM David Forst said. “They made it clear they needed a starting pitcher to help out and we were able to get the deal done.”

The minor leaguers involved are left-hander Josh Outman, who was in Double-A, and second baseman Adrian Cardenas and outfielder Matt Spencer, both players in Single-A.

The 27-year-old Blanton, a 14-game winner last season, was 5-12 with a 4.96 ERA in 20 starts for Oakland. He has underachieved in 2008 in his fifth big league season after being the opening day starter in March against the Boston Red Sox in Tokyo.

“We’ve been attempting to upgrade our rotation and we feel like we’ve done that,” Phillies assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle said. “We think Joe is a very strong, competitive pitcher that has the mental makeup to pitch productively in a pennant race. He pitches a lot of innings and takes some burden off the bullpen.”

Blanton—who is listed at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds—had been scheduled to pitch Friday night against New York at Yankee Stadium in Oakland’s first game after the All-Star break. Forst said he had yet to discuss with manager Bob Geren who would fill Blanton’s spot in the rotation. Gio Gonzalez, a candidate to be promoted, has been pitching well for Triple-A Sacramento.

Both Blanton and Harden had been rumored to be on the trading block over the past year.

That dog don't hunt

Ready for the Next Mini-Maelstrom?

Dan Rather, on Morning Joe, just said something a handful of minutes ago that will dominate a lot of chatter today and will have implications for the race going forward. Asked by Tiki Barber about his take on Fox News' release of the Jesse Jackson off-camera video, Rather premised his take by noting that in today's 24/7 news media culture, you had better be ready for anything you say to be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, after being all over TV the day before.
Rather then proceeded to talk about his respect for Jesse Jackson, who had certainly "paved the way for Osama bin Laden." (Yes, the whole name.) Nobody reacted or said a word, and Rather did not notice. To drive the irony point home, he then finished by referring back to the "front page of the newspaper" a 2d time.
Rather has just given carte blanche for Republicans to "slip" and negate the hue and cry with "Rather made the slip too... innocent mistake!" Wonder if McCain himself will do it in one high profile way and Plead the Rather.

nothing that a little more folksy humor can't fix, or, poll results scientific (but funny)

News item: Obama backers more excited than McCain's, poll finds

WASHINGTON (AP) — John McCain is facing an excitement deficit.

While overall interest in the presidential campaign has swelled since last fall, backers of Barack Obama are more fired up and express more loyalty to their candidate than McCain's do, a poll by The Associated Press and Yahoo News showed Friday. In addition, individual groups backing Obama — African-Americans, Democrats and liberals — are more enthusiastic than whites, Republicans and conservatives, who are more aligned with McCain, the GOP senator from Arizona.

We see nothing

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act will prevent 2010 census takers from taking into account married gay couples and married gay families. Hmm. State law regulates marriage. Unfortunately, the Old Testament regulates Federal law, and Federal law can preempt state law. (It really doesn't on the topic of marriage, but what the heck - right?). Gay families who are legally married will be reclassified as unmarried. Gay families with biologically unrelated children will not be classified as families. Gay parents with biologically related children will be classified as single parent families.
Of course refusing to see reality is priceless. The report doesn't ask about sexuality, but for now all gay married couples will still be counted/viewed as either unmarried, outraging the right, single parents, outraging the right or worst of all two gay adults who happen to be living with some kids - who probably need to be removed. And because the census controls how money flows - the failure to recognize reality will have some kind of monetary effect.
I for one plan on refusing to report to the census my marital status. I may just refuse to respond to any question other than with a nasty letter. This is stupid beyond recognition. I figure the god of the Old Testament wouldn't recognize me being married anyway, what me constantly preaching heresy and blaspheming and everything, and ignoring probably the majority of the 10 Commandments. I'll have to look those up and figure that one out. I encourage others to do the same if you so choose (and to possibly entice other like minded individuals). It's not as hardcore as refusing to pay taxes, but I don't think they throw you in jail for it either. If I could switch to a civil union I would do it. God has nothing to do with my marriage.

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Does KO read LoC? Well if so... you and Rachel are awesome.

Suckers (cont)

Dere's still a long line outside the Apple Store on da Mag Mile...

Cattle Cars R Comin...

Do you think standing-room-only trains will improve the commute?
Yes (942 responses) 35.2%
No (1731 responses) 64.8%
2673 total responses (Results not scientific, but idiotic)

Ok, it really is Smiff...

Being somewhat suspicious of spam in any format, I had trouble believing Smiff really had finally joined the dark side that is any social networking site invented post-Friendster.

But it's him - proof:

Smiff removed "King Crimson" from his favorite music.
Smiff added "King Crimson/Robert Fripp" to his favorite music.

That is awesome.

Things Younger than John McCain

The six-pack. Nachos. etc.


Contraception = Abortion

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a proposal which allows federally funded health care providers to deny contraception on the grounds that it may be abortion. By redefining pregnancy to include fertilization before implantation, contraception becomes abortion.

My favourite part of the article linked above:

It now claims that pregnancy begins at some biologically unknowable moment (there's no test to determine if a woman's egg has been fertilized). Under these new standards there would be no way for a woman to prove she's not pregnant. Thus, any woman could be denied contraception under HHS' new science.

That is so beautiful. And if we really want to push the envelope and prevent abortions, I think we need to monitor women who could be aborting their children. All women of child bearing age should be incarcerated and under complete government control. I mean if they can't prove they aren't pregnant there is no reason to let them go walking around to their abortionists. Or even smoking, drinking or trying to stay slim rather than providing the care and nutrients that their possibly male sons could desperately need. Ug.

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The End Times are so much closer now

"Smiff added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Smiff in order for you to be friends on Facebook."

and P.S. Go phokk yourself.

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate the opportunity to know your opinions on the pressing issues facing our nation. Regrettably, due to the huge volume of mail that I receive, I am only able to research and address comments sent to me from Connecticut residents. If you are not from Connecticut, you may want to consider sending a message to the Senators from your state of residence. You can do so by visiting the U.S. Senate page for a link to the web sites of each member of the United State Senate. If you are currently residing out of state, but are still a Connecticut resident or have a connection to Connecticut, please be certain to use your Connecticut address or indicate your Connecticut connection in the first paragraph of your email.

I value having the benefit of your thoughtful concerns, since I do receive detailed weekly reports from my staff providing a sampling of comments from across the country on timely issues before Congress.

Thank you again for sharing your views and concerns with me. I hope you will continue to visit my website at for updated news about my work on behalf of Connecticut and the nation. Please contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work in Congress.


Joseph I. Lieberman


Night of the Tiffees

Outfielders Matt LaPorta and Colby Rasmus were named to the U.S. Olympic Team on Wednesday. They'll be joined on the 23-man roster by C Lou Marson (Phillies), C Taylor Teagarden (Rangers), 3B-SS Brian Barden (Cardinals), 3B Matt Brown (Angels), SS Jason Donald (Phillies), 1B-3B Mike Hessman (Tigers), 3B Terry Tiffee (Dodgers), OF Dexter Fowler (Rockies) and OF John Gall (Marlins). The absence of true middle infielders is surprising. Chris Getz would have made sense as another option at second base instead of one of the redundant third basemen, with either Brown or Tiffee getting the axe. As is, we assume Donald will play second, with Barden at short. The pitchers are Brett Anderson (A’s), Jake Arrieta (Orioles), Trevor Cahill (A’s), Geno Espineli (Giants), Kevin Jepsen (Angels), Brandon Knight (Mets), Mike Koplove (Dodgers), Blaine Neal (Tigers), Clayton Richard (White Sox), Jeff Stevens (Indians), Casey Weathers (Rockies) and collegian Stephen Strasburg (San Diego State).

forecast: rain

Blackhawks to play at Wrigley Jan. 1

(AP) — Wrigley Field is going to be the frozen confines on New Year's Day when the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings meet the Chicago Blackhawks outdoors in the Chicago Cubs' home park.

It will be the NHL's second Winter Classic. On January 1st in Buffalo, the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Buffalo Sabres before a crowd of 71,217.

Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz calls it a "once in a lifetime event" and says he expects the game to draw international interest.

The game will be televised nationally on NBC.

whiners in the news

A lot of people are are focusing on stuff like interest rates and commodity costs... you know, I'm a big believer in G.U.T.S.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said yesterday in Congress that inflation was a mounting concern, particularly given the escalation in prices for crude oil, basic food items and other commodities.

But growth has also ebbed, and Bernanke yesterday deemed it a "significant challenge" balancing between steps that might support growth -- such as lowering interest rates -- and those that might control rising prices.

"The June uptick in the core rate provides an early indication that the tidal surge in energy and other commodity costs are trickling through to consumer prices at large," Kenneth Beauchemin, U.S. economist for Global Insight, said in a research note today.

The inflation trend as well as the outlook for economic growth means that the Fed will likely not hike interest rates until 2009, he said. "Indeed, the remote chance for financial disaster in the coming months keeps a rate cut on the table," Beauchemin said.

Dis won't last

Gas-sipping golf carts winning over small towns

Though it probably should, I'd say these are what we should drive in and around the city. Get in the big cars when going long distance. I'm all for it. But it won't last.

A little tidbit that says a lot...

That we already know, but in a depressing way.

From McClatchy's Washington Bureau:

_ Retail sales were up a scant 0.1 percent in June, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. Gas prices accounted for all the increase, Vitner said. "You take out gasoline prices and sales were down," he added.

Nevertheless, Bush boasted that tax-rebate checks were prodding spending.

I don't know how to say this, but I'll just say it: wouldn't Bush be a much better president if he would just acknowledge something of what's happening? He could acknowledge any truth and I would be happy. I seriously think that if his ideology told him the sky was full of chickens, he would call clouds feathers. And that would be that. It's just so depressing. And annoying.


Jose Canseco was knocked out in the boxing ring in the 1st round by an NFL kicker who hasn't been in the league in years.


finally, some good news

The insufferable Billy Packer says he's done with broadcasting.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is Fung voting for McCain?

Sarge sez: "Fung is pissy about Twitter. Won't tweet Smiff."


Bud Selig remains brain-dead (cont'd)

Could be headed towards another tie. And yet, this determines which league has home field advantage in the World Series. Another BRILLIANT move, Bud (the "traditionalist"). Go phokk yourself, moron.

In related news, why are these guys All-Stars:

Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs fanz...brain-free)
Alfonso Soriano (see Fuku)
Cristian Guzman (he's been an All-Star twice?)
Miguel Tejada (maybe 3 years ago)
Brian Wilson (the Giants sent Lincecum, so why this guy? He SUCKS.)
Carlos Marmol (maybe a month ago)
Billy GUTLESS Wagner (if what Clint Hurdle said is true, why is Mr. Gutless on the team? Funny. Who TOTALLY SUCKED and allowed the tying run to score? Thanks Billy, you phokking brain-dead HICK moron.)
Ichiro Suzuki (the most overrated player anywhere? if he's not hitting .340 he's pretty worthless)
Derek Jeter (and his .740 OPS? PATHETIC. Yankees fans SUCK.)
Jason Varitek (batting avg. is a poor measure of a player's worth, but .219?)
Michael Young (.777 OPS? not that good)
Joe Crede (is this a joke?)
Carlos Guillen (ok, but an All-Star? no...)

Oh yeah, Cristian Guzman has NEVER played 3rd base in the majors. But he's there tonight. And this game determines who has home field advantage in the World Series? So remarkably brain-dead you would think Bud was in the Bush Administration (i know he's a Democrat, but that must be a Joe Lieberman "Democrat", right?). Maybe a couple of these guys should play the WHOLE game so you don't run out of players? Maybe use some relief pitchers more than one inning? Maybe get Bud a brain transplant?

Oh yeah, it's almost 1am in NYC...

On da udder hand, Guzman is picking it at 3rd...


Is Rodney Pete next?

Bears sign running back insurance in Jones

Perhaps this is the first step in aquiring Julius Jones and Thomas Jones... Then we'd play all three of them at the same time in a T-Formation.

Speaking of desperate, there's a guy in my neighborhood who I keep seeing... wearing a Kordel Stewart jersey. (Pittsburgh).


because he'll get tough with Czechoslovakia

And they trust him to deal at long last with the Habsburg Empire...

While 56 percent said Obama knows enough about world affairs to be a good president, more, 72 percent, said so about McCain. Pitted head-to-head on the issue, McCain was judged as the one with better knowledge of the world by a better than 2 to 1 margin.

Wishing Senator Lieberman would go sell used cars...

So I'm at Huffington Post while I eat some Cap'n Crunchberries (the best version of that cereal, I believe) and I come across this asshat:

Lieberman Rips Obama: His Lack Of Conviction Puts Nation In Peril
July 15, 2008 02:23 PM

Despite rumblings that his advocacy for John McCain could lead to his ouster from the Democratic Party, Joseph Lieberman continued on Tuesday to take broad swipes at Barack Obama.

In a speech before the Center for U.S. Global Engagement, Lieberman described the presumptive Democratic nominee as a politician who was consistently wrong on foreign affairs and whose policy proposals -- had they been put in place - would have put America at great risk.

"I've been following Sen. Obama's comments in this campaign and particularly in the last months since the primaries were over," said Lieberman. "And I wish he would just say that the surge has worked. He doesn't have to give credit to John McCain or anyone else. He can give credit to General Petraeus and the troops who have carried it out. I wish he would acknowledge the surge is working, rather than changing his position on how and when we should exit Iraq, without acknowledging that these are changes of positions that are understandably based on conditions on the ground. A president's credibility is based on the courage of his or her convictions, his or her acceptance of reality, and consistency of views are critical elements of national leadership. A president who squanders those does so at our nation's peril."

Lieberman's remarks came just hours after Obama had delivered a foreign policy address of his own, in which the Illinois Democrat reiterated his desire to see a responsible phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq and a greater emphasis on the conflict in Afghanistan.

Working off of Obama's address, Lieberman accused him not only of being unwilling to acknowledge the success of the troop surge, but also for being inconsistent in his foreign policy approach. The 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee then offered nearly half a dozen direct questions to the Illinois Democrat that mimicked, in large part, talking points that the McCain campaign has been using with great frequency.

"Sen. Obama said this morning that he wants a foreign policy that is tough, smart and principled," said Lieberman. "This afternoon I want to ask my colleague who I respect and like a couple of direct questions: Was it tough when Sen. Obama voted to order U.S. troops to retreat from Iraq on a fixed timeline regardless of the recommendations of our military commanders or conditions on the ground? Was it smart when Sen. Obama opposed the surge and predicted that it would fail to improve our security? ... Was it tough and principled when Sen. Obama said he would be open to changing his plan on Iraq after going there and talking to General Petraeus, which I think was the right position, only to change that position hours later after being heatedly criticized by organizations like I say respectfully the answer to all those questions is, no."


I wish I could say I was at a more intelligent site, or more obscure, to keep up my indiecred - but whatever - I was so pissed off (I'm listening to Elf Power! And The Only Ones! - really really indie) - I just wanted to scream about this asshat, and maybe watch as a cosmic hand of higher order slapped off the idiotic sense of right he wears on his face like a lapel pin. All I could do was write his office. I feel weak and annoyed right now. He just deserves to have shit thrown on him. Everyday.:

Sen. Lieberman,

I just wanted to let you know what a poor Senator you are and how typically shallow your stances are in the McCain campaign. Lack of convictions? Do you mean like the tax breaks McCain now favors? Or his views on gays?

And your "I told Obama I was in the Civil Rights" - could you be more condescending?

I used to hope that Senators might be a little smarter than the average guy in the street - used to believe that just perhaps we elected those among us we felt best represented us - you disprove that theory so spectacularly that it depresses me.

You're a political opportunist who picked the wrong time to switch sides and is stuck now out of pride. I wish I could use stronger language about you, but my respect for your office prevents me.

I will only say, I pray that one day you will have no reason to regret your stances, only that they were yours, and to be thankful that smarter, braver voices prevailed.

Andrew Decker

I'm guessing he also likes guys who are ballplayers

Clint Hurdle said he consulted with several people when putting together his National League batting order. Oakland GM Billy Beane probably was not one of them.

"You look at the numbers that many of these men have put up," Hurdle said. "(But) you know, I’m a big fan—I hear about OPS, OBP—I’m a big fan of G-U-T-S. I like guts."

Watch a true asshole!

He even hints at the new welfare queen! The American family farmer. I mean, at this point, it's not even grasping at straws - it's just humping the money barrel.

Dick Cheney out in daylight risking exposure to the purifying rays of the sun, or, not on vacation - scouring pony camps for the next FEMA director

Dick Cheney, Still Rested and Ready for Duty

Give Vice President Dick Cheney credit for sticking to his heart healthy diet. Just look at this great picture of the fit veep. This was taken at a Maryland pony camp he was visiting this month. . .

"It's quite nice to see that he is just like us sometimes," says mom Jeanne Coley.

Only 12?

Believe it or not

News Item: Twelve percent of Americans still believe Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Ignorant, and proud.

Good Morning!

(CBS) Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government on Monday directly accused Pakistan's intelligence agency of being behind a recent series of attacks by Taliban militants that has killed scores of people, reports CBS News' Sami Yousafzai. . .

A statement from the cabinet sent to CBS News said Afghan leaders had done their best during the last six-and-a-half years to stay away from a war of words with Pakistan and maintain a friendly relationship with its neighbor. But, according to the statement, the ISA and Pakistan's army have continued to interfere in Afghanistan's internal affairs. . .

The statement, provided to CBS News by the cabinet secretary, claimed the people of Afghanistan and "the international community" were now sure that Pakistan has "not only become a safe haven for terrorists but it also exports terrorism."

i dunno, but it's certainly the most whining i've ever heard...

Is this the worst economy in our lifetime?
For many Americans this feels like the worst economic crisis since at least the 1970s, and some leading investors are starting to say they may be right. “It is the most serious financial crisis of our lifetime,” says billionaire investor (tarrist-lovin', pinko-commie--ed.) George Soros.

How did John McCain get on the internets?

Exactly right, again.

It Takes a School, Not Missiles
Published: July 13, 2008

Since 9/11, Westerners have tried two approaches to fight terrorism in Pakistan, President Bush’s and Greg Mortenson’s.

Mr. Bush has focused on military force and provided more than $10 billion — an extraordinary sum in the foreign-aid world — to the highly unpopular government of President Pervez Musharraf. This approach has failed: the backlash has radicalized Pakistan’s tribal areas so that they now nurture terrorists in ways that they never did before 9/11.

Mr. Mortenson, a frumpy, genial man from Montana, takes a diametrically opposite approach, and he has spent less than one-ten-thousandth as much as the Bush administration. He builds schools in isolated parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, working closely with Muslim clerics and even praying with them at times.

The only thing that Mr. Mortenson blows up are boulders that fall onto remote roads and block access to his schools.

Mr. Mortenson has become a legend in the region, his picture sometimes dangling like a talisman from rearview mirrors, and his work has struck a chord in America as well. His superb book about his schools, “Three Cups of Tea,” came out in 2006 and initially wasn’t reviewed by most major newspapers. Yet propelled by word of mouth, the book became a publishing sensation: it has spent the last 74 weeks on the paperback best-seller list, regularly in the No. 1 spot.

Now Mr. Mortenson is fending off several dozen film offers. “My concern is that a movie might endanger the well-being of our students,” he explains.

Mr. Mortenson found his calling in 1993 after he failed in an attempt to climb K2, a Himalayan peak, and stumbled weakly into a poor Muslim village. The peasants nursed him back to health, and he promised to repay them by building the village a school.

Scrounging the money was a nightmare — his 580 fund-raising letters to prominent people generated one check, from Tom Brokaw — and Mr. Mortenson ended up selling his beloved climbing equipment and car. But when the school was built, he kept going. Now his aid group, the Central Asia Institute, has 74 schools in operation. His focus is educating girls.

To get a school, villagers must provide the land and the labor to assure a local “buy-in,” and so far the Taliban have not bothered his schools. One anti-American mob rampaged through Baharak, Afghanistan, attacking aid groups — but stopped at the school that local people had just built with Mr. Mortenson. “This is our school,” the mob leaders decided, and they left it intact.

Mr. Mortenson has had setbacks, including being kidnapped for eight days in Pakistan’s wild Waziristan region. It would be naïve to think that a few dozen schools will turn the tide in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Still, he notes that the Taliban recruits the poor and illiterate, and he also argues that when women are educated they are more likely to restrain their sons. Five of his teachers are former Taliban, and he says it was their mothers who persuaded them to leave the Taliban; that is one reason he is passionate about educating girls.

So I have this fantasy: Suppose that the United States focused less on blowing things up in Pakistan’s tribal areas and more on working through local aid groups to build schools, simultaneously cutting tariffs on Pakistani and Afghan manufactured exports. There would be no immediate payback, but a better-educated and more economically vibrant Pakistan would probably be more resistant to extremism.

“Schools are a much more effective bang for the buck than missiles or chasing some Taliban around the country,” says Mr. Mortenson, who is an Army veteran.

Each Tomahawk missile that the United States fires in Afghanistan costs at least $500,000. That’s enough for local aid groups to build more than 20 schools, and in the long run those schools probably do more to destroy the Taliban.

The Pentagon, which has a much better appreciation for the limits of military power than the Bush administration as a whole, placed large orders for “Three Cups of Tea” and invited Mr. Mortenson to speak.

“I am convinced that the long-term solution to terrorism in general, and Afghanistan specifically, is education,” Lt. Col. Christopher Kolenda, who works on the Afghan front lines, said in an e-mail in which he raved about Mr. Mortenson’s work. “The conflict here will not be won with bombs but with books. ... The thirst for education here is palpable.”

Military force is essential in Afghanistan to combat the Taliban. But over time, in Pakistan and Afghanistan alike, the best tonic against militant fundamentalism will be education and economic opportunity.

So a lone Montanan staying at the cheapest guest houses has done more to advance U.S. interests in the region than the entire military and foreign policy apparatus of the Bush administration.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

same old brain-deadness keeps getting in the way

Committee says fuzzy memories hurt Tillman probe

SAN FRANCISCO - A "striking lack of recollection" by White House and military officials prevented congressional investigators from determining who was responsible for misinformation spread after the friendly fire death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman, a House committee said Monday.

Although military investigators determined within days that the onetime NFL player was killed by his own troops in Afghanistan following an enemy ambush, five weeks passed before the circumstances of his death were made public. During that time, the Army claimed Tillman was killed by enemy fire.

Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said in April 2007 that his goal was to discern the genesis of the misinformation. "Was it the result of incompetence, miscommunication or a deliberate strategy?" he said.

The panel acknowledged Monday it had fallen short of this goal. The committee received a flurry of White House e-mails sent as the Bush administration responded to Tillman's death, but no documents about friendly fire. The committee interviewed several top White House officials about the case, but "not a single one could recall when he learned about the fratricide or what he did in response," it said in its 48-page report.

The committee reported a similar lack of information relating to misinformation surrounding Pvt. Jessica Lynch, who was rescued from an Iraqi hospital after she was badly injured and captured in a 2003 ambush. The committee examined how the story of the ambush of her convoy was changed into a tale of heroism on her part.

"As the committee investigated the Tillman and Lynch cases, it encountered a striking lack of recollection," the report said.

regarding Brett Favre's (non-)retirement (cont'd)


you'd think a black guy had never been a nominee for president before, or, John McLaughlin: an @ss#ole on the outside, an @ss#ole on the inside

As the cable news channels began filling up valuable airtime Monday with discussions of the appropriateness of a New Yorker cover depicting Barack Obama burning an American flag in the Oval Office, under a portrait of Osama bin Laden, another important story was largely ignored by the mainstream media - that of a veteran media personality injecting racially divisive stereotypes into a discussion of Sen. Obama.

This weekend on The McLaughlin Group, the program's host, John McLaughlin, asserted that Obama "fits the stereotype blacks once labeled as an Oreo -- a black on the outside, a white on the inside."

Iron City not even close...

The World's Worst Beers

Of those beers with alcohol and more than 100 votes (or close), the absolute worst are:

Natural Light (AB)
Michelob Ultra (AB)
Natural Ice (AB)
Milwaukee's Best (Miller)
Busch Ice (AB)
Coors Aspen Edge (Coors)
Bud Ice Light* (AB)
Old Milwaukee Ice (Miller)
Bud Light (AB)
Busch Light (AB)
Milwaukee's Best Light (Miller)

*Is this one even a beer?


add coffee shops to the list of things that aren't what they used to be

News item: Starbucks to debut smoothies Tuesday

(Crain’s) — Starbucks Corp. plans to introduce a new line of smoothies Tuesday called Vivanno.

The drinks are the latest push by Starbucks CEO and founder Howard Schultz to boost sluggish sales at the Seattle-based coffee chain. The smoothies illustrate Starbuck’s strategy of offering more zzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Face time with Cheney: not a YOOOGE amount, just a couple hunnert thousand

In New Headache for SMU's Bush Library, Lobbyist Hints at Cash-for-Meetings Deal

Do you want Vice President Dick Cheney’s undivided attention for an hour? Stephen P. Payne, a Texas-based lobbyist, has some advice about how to grease the wheels for such a meeting: Make a six-figure donation to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, a library and museum complex that is scheduled to be built at Southern Methodist University.

When Mr. Payne made that suggestion in a London restaurant last week, he thought he was talking to an agent of the exiled president of Kyrgyzstan. He was actually speaking with undercover representatives of The Times of London, which has posted a video of the encounter.

“I think that the [exiled president’s] family, children, whatever, should probably look at making a contribution to the Bush library,” Mr. Payne says in the video. “How big, I don’t know. It would be like maybe a couple of hundred thousand dollars, something like that. Not a huge amount, but enough to show that they’re serious.”

Mr. Payne, a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee, (Open Doors - I get it! Good one! Try the veal! Ed.) runs a Houston lobbying firm called Worldwide Strategic Partners. He has no affiliation with the George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation or with Southern Methodist. In a statement released on Sunday, Mr. Payne argues that he was entrapped (puzzled? Ed.) by the Times agents’ “bizarre leading questions and strange hypothetical comments.”
. . .

Last year the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that would require transparency in donations to presidential libraries. There has been no Senate vote because Sen. Ted Stevens, a Republican of Alaska, has placed a hold on the measure (SHOCKING! Ed.). . .

at the break...

What is the most shocking: Smiff in 1st (again), Decker in 2nd, K-Mad in 4th or Corms in dead freakin' last?

Wellness Center All-Stars

Rank Team Points Pts Change Waiver Moves
1. Lord Viper Elefantes 202 2.5 12 31
2. Blue Ward Cyclones 196 0.5 4 7
3. Golemi Topki 187.5 -2 7 16
4. Troglodyte Homunculi 175.5 0 9 37
5. shot_at_bill 171.5 2.5 10 38
6. Spackler Bents 169 0 3 16
7. Columbus Bureaucrats 161 0.5 6 8
8. La Jolla Chemists 145.5 -1 5 25
9. Coach #31 137 -0.5 11 22
10. clan of terrorists 117 -4 2 23
11. Mr. Baby's Fortune 111.5 0.5 1 16
12. Maddogs 98.5 1 8 28

As Smiff knows, I had just inserted him into the Smelts' starting lineup on Saturday

News item: Jerry Hairston Jr. has a strained right hamstring. He is scheduled to be reexamined on Monday and undergo an MRI.

Hairston was trying to leg out a bunt towards the left side and grabbed his leg just before he reached first base. He crumpled to the ground a few steps after he touched the bag, screaming "Damn you K-Mad! Dammmn Yoooouuu!."

Annudder vote against it

Someone at work said that Iron City was the worst beer they'd ever tasted. "Like they took it out of whatever that river is, Allegenhy?" What's the running tally of yea vs nay on dat beer? Fung is, of course, neutral in dis affair...

didn't we invent the internets? (specifically, I believe it was Al Gore)

News item: Nations in Europe and Asia our “cleaning our clock” on broadband deployment, competition, speeds and prices...

Attacks in Afghanistan are becoming more complex, intense, coordinated

I like how the draw down in Iraq is going to result in more troops to send to Afghanistan and to show that we have won the war there. And I thought we already won in Afghanistan too.
What kind of legacy is it to loose one war per term?
And I've often wondered what a majority of Americans would say if surveyed on whether we can achieve victory in Iraq if it remains a Muslim nation, but maybe I'm just too jaded.

Bud sold to the Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards!?!?!

What's next - apple pie and hot dogs sold to the Germans? Just pathetic...

Anheuser-Busch being sold to InBev for $52B

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The maker of the King of Beers has agreed to go to work for the Belgian brewer InBev SA.

Anheuser-Busch Cos. said early Monday it had agreed to a sweetened $52 billion takeover bid from InBev, creating the world's largest brewer and heading off what was shaping up as an acrimonious fight for the maker of Budweiser and Bud Light beers. Inbev brands include Stella Artois, Beck's and Bass.

The combined company will be called Anheuser-Busch InBev. As of the end of last week, InBev said it would be the world's third largest consumer products company by market capitalization after Procter & Gamble of the United States and Nestle SA of Switzerland.


President throws drilling wide open

Unfortunately, this makes Corporal's electrical dream car a little less necessary. But it does raise some intriguing questions regarding Bush's remaining single daughter. Damn you Henry Chase Hager. Damn you to hell.

added to k-mad's America-hating book list

The Outlaw Presidency

By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Monday, July 14, 2008; 12:47 PM

Another major book chronicling the descent into lawlessness of the Bush presidency is out this week. This one is by Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, and it's called "The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals." . . .

"The biggest torture-fueled wild-goose chase, of course, is the war in Iraq. Exhibit A, revisited in 'The Dark Side,' is Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, an accused Qaeda commander whose torture was outsourced by the C.I.A. to Egypt. His fabricated tales of Saddam's biological and chemical W.M.D. -- and of nonexistent links between Iraq and Al Qaeda -- were cited by President Bush in his fateful Oct. 7, 2002, Cincinnati speech ginning up the war and by Mr. Powell in his subsequent United Nations presentation on Iraqi weaponry. Two F.B.I. officials told Ms. Mayer that Mr. al-Libi later explained his lies by saying: 'They were killing me. I had to tell them something.'"

And, if Bush is playing rope-a-dope with the press, it seems the America-haters may finally have punched themselves out...

. . . a polemic with the provocative title 'The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,' has risen to best-seller status with nary a peep from the usual outlets that help sell books: cable television and book reviews in major daily newspapers....

"Mr. Bugliosi, in a recent telephone interview from his home in Los Angeles, said he had expected some resistance from the mainstream media because of the subject matter - the book lays a legal case for holding President Bush 'criminally responsible' for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq - but not a virtual blackout...

"The editor of Newsweek, Jon Meacham, said he had not read the manuscript, but he offered a reason why the media might be silent: 'I think there's a kind of Bush-bashing fatigue out there.'"

Grotesquely Large Spider

These are called camel spiders, I think it's because it can eat a phokkin camel.

Happy Bastille Day

The Nation's fears

In picture form...

human rain delays in the news, or, golf gets a soundtrack

One Thousand Hear Change of Note in World’s Longest Concert

The next musical change in John Cage’s slow masterpiece will happen in November

More than 1,000 music-lovers showed up on Saturday, July 5, in a German town to hear a change of note in the longest-running and slowest piece of music ever composed.

Eccentric US composer John Cage (1912-1992) planned his composition to last 639 years, meaning more than a dozen generations of musicians will be needed to play it on an automatic, as-yet unfinished organ at Halberstadt, Germany.

Entitled ORGAN2/ASLSP, it began in 2001 and has so far reached its sixth note. The second part of the name means "as slow as possible."

A message from the Google! And it says... "go phokk yourselves"

Chronicle of Higher Ed - The Wired Campus - July 11, 2008

The Google Reaches Out to Librarians

The Google released an update today to its Librarian Central blog, heeding the complaints of some librarians that the company has been ignoring them. The blog announcement? The Google is closing the blog but will communicate with librarians via a newsletter that it will send out "every few months..."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

McClure: sad, puzzled

Well, he has been pitching great and needs the work...

Carlos Marmol will replace Kerry Wood on the NL All-Star roster. Wood had to bow out because of a blister on his right index finger. Marmol is 2-3 with a 4.13 ERA this season, but he does have 70 strikeouts in just 52 1/3 innings.

*No they don't: They elected you (twice), a troglodyte homunculous (cont'd)

"It's time for members of Congress to address the pain that high gas prices are causing our citizens," the president said, while his oil buddies make record profits... "Every extra dollar that American families spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table or send a child to college.** The American people deserve better.*"

**What i really mean: let them eat their own kids.