Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Urban legend grows

Motorist draws gunfire after flipping the finger

Iraq War Milestone

Check out our cost ticker over deres...---->

more stuff only a commie could love

It's a pretty short trip from collective transportation to collective farming.

Chicago's high-speed rail dream is arriving

Besides, I find our 19th-century rail infrastructure quaint.

I'll take two cups (get it? ha, ha...)

Topless coffee shop opens in central Maine

VASSALBORO, Maine—A topless coffee shop that raised the ire of many residents of a small central Maine town is open for business.
The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, located at the site of the former Grand View Motel, opened its doors Monday on busy Route 3 in Vassalboro. A sign outside says, "Over 18 only." Another says, "No cameras, no touching, cash only."
On Tuesday, two men sipped coffee at a booth while three topless waitresses and a bare-chested waiter stood nearby. Topless waitress Susie Wiley said men, women and couples have stopped by.
Dozens of residents objected to the shop when the Vassalboro planning board meeting took up the matter last month. But town officials said the coffee shop met the letter of the law.


And his father said unto him...BLAM!

Police: Man stabs son for wearing hat in church

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Police said a 58-year-old man stabbed his teenage son after he refused to take off his hat at church earlier in the day. The father and his 19-year-old son got into an argument on Sunday afternoon. That's when police said the father went to a car, got a knife and stabbed his son in the left buttock and fled.
The son was taken to University of Maryland Medical Center for treatment. The father's name was withheld pending his arrest.


Timetable: How about "this century"?

Mark Prior indicated that he isn't working with any timetables as he attempts to make his way back from June shoulder surgery.
He did say he feels further along now than he did at this point last year. Prior thought he was close to making it back to the majors in June, when he had a major setback with his shoulder. "I'm 28 and no one knows what the future holds," Prior said. "If I can get back to 80 percent or 90 percent of what I used to be, then that's still pretty good. I look back to those three, four years in the big leagues and I pitched pretty well and did the things I had to do to help us win games. I don't know if those memories haunt me, but they motivate me."



George Mason Students Encouraged By Speech


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh yea, Jim Calhoun, Fung's new white friend, ain't to great with the facts heself

So according to the U.S. Department of Education, Calhoun's $12 million isn't really $12 million. Letter writer Michael Chapman tipped me off to the DOE's numbers: UConn men's basketball spends $6,097,728 to take in $7,333,214.

Sarge, Smiff shake fists at clouds

7:25 PM me: ok, cool. i'll be looking for it. BP finally arrived today.
Andrew: awesome
7:26 PM you see that Des got the BP?
She's trying to play some catch-up
7:27 PM me: they hate all of my guys
Andrew: really
like who?
7:28 PM me: lessee, Garza, Moyer, Happ, Linebrink
7:29 PM basically all the Monks
cept prolly Utley
Andrew: really - I haven't looked up the Garza thing
what's to possibly hate about Moyer?!?
7:30 PM me: lousy projection - this my one gripe with the book - the write-ups often do not agree with the projection
Andrew: right
well - maybe they're taking the long view?
me: your reading - hey, this is good - and then you look down at the PECOTA - Garza 4.56 ERA or something
7:31 PM Andrew: but you know
me: Linebrink has never had an ERA near 4 - but this year it's like 4.46
Andrew: that's his 50 percent right?
7:32 PM me: so i should look at the 90% for him?
Andrew: No - I just tink
there are some guys who are more likely to hit higher pecotas than others
for instance
guys who have started to show improvement
me: wow, everyone on the SS-talk list likes the Utley side of that deal
Andrew: or where you know they've finally figured out their change up or something - something the machine maybe can't account for so much
they're idiots
7:33 PM me: everyone seemingly much higher on Votto & Rasmus than i am
Andrew: I feel if you're not getting the best guy in the deal you better have a really good reason for making the trade
I'm not big on Rasmus
I think obviously he could still bust out
but last year was not the year to look that dead
of course I'm looking at you Alex Gordon
me: yeah, everyone said Han Ram was the best in the deal, but still took the Utley side
Andrew: but
7:34 PM yeah
not big on Votto either
he's good
but easily replacable
me: they also assumed the guy was looking short-term, but he has no pitching
Andrew: I mean
you throw Webb into any rotation and it acquires a certain sheen
7:35 PM me: the guy never made a counter offer, i may have given up a bit more
Andrew: yeah
I think what hurt you was not offering any kind of prospect
in retrospect it seems obvious
but you even said it
the guy is constantly tearing down his team etc
we should have thrown him a golden bone
7:36 PM So Rasmus and Votto are guys
who however not great
you can still kind of dream on enough to make them interesting
I mean
I would much rather have about twenty other outfield prospects
and at least five or six 1B types floating around than those two
me: brb - got to fire up a burrito
Andrew: awesome

5 minutes
7:42 PM me: Elie takes Matt Dominguez, 3b from florida
not familiar with his work
Andrew: ha
is actually a pretty decent pick
I don't see him being a superstar
7:43 PM and he's a ways a way yet
I don't know if he's worth holding for a few years
but I suppose rookie slots are cheap enough
I just feel
go for the studs
me: he's 19 - should be a while
Andrew: yeah
I don't know
7:44 PM but whatever
our draft - mine and corms - is worrisome to me
we have absolutely no bullpen
and not much out there is screaming "We're awesome"
a lot of pressure on some questionable arms
Cueto, Z, Kazmir, Volquez
7:45 PM Beckett
I mean, some good pitchers
some guys who could throw Cy Young years
but I could easily see a 4.6 era from this crew
and if we don't have a decent pen
this could be a bit of a rebuild for us
I mena
if the guys come through
even three of them
we have enough offense to make up for a lot of mistakes
I think
7:46 PM but...
and it's not necessarily our fault
it's just
me: i'm trying to get some RPs with the limited # of picks i have
Andrew: yeah
me: i have no bench yet
Andrew: we're competing - that's one place where I feel really good
we have built a pretty good bench
7:47 PM me: & really only 5 SPs
Andrew: yeah
Corms isn't too worried about RPs...
and maybe I get what he's saying
I mean
hopefully we can find at least a couple decent ones in the supplementals
7:48 PM me: Dominguez was 18th in OPS in the Sally League, but he was one of the youngest players
Andrew: yeah
I m not saying he's a bad prospect
in fact
he took a big step up last year
7:49 PM and erased a lot of doubts about his bat never being able to play period
now the feeling is he will hit at least enough
and he has a great glove
I just don't know if he's going to hit enough to justify keeping him on a roster and not taking other guys coming up for the next three years
me: there was an 18yo in Sally with 39 homers
7:50 PM and 153 Ks
Andrew: wow
what's his name?
I want to look him up
did you see the Baseball America Prospect Handbook is 30 FUCKING dollars this year?
7:52 PM Andrew: Looks like he's 20?
19 during the season
nice contact bavr
if he can cut the strikeouts even a little and maintain that power
7:53 PM he could be pretty exciting
me: turned 19 in Nov
Andrew: Ah right
of course
I was already in 2010
did you watch this Glenn Beck thing?
7:54 PM Apparently by 2014 - implicitly because of Obama - we're going to be hunting dogs in the street to survive while marauding gangs of motorcycle thugs scare the women
7:55 PM me: the guy is insane - a mentally imbalanced man with his own tv show
Andrew: and they show his "movies" on the big screen occasionally
I'd never actually seen him before besides those maudlin previews
he is a fucking fuckface
these guys
7:56 PM are really coming out of the woodwork

17 minutes
8:13 PM me: Nate Robinson went OFF for the Zeniths tonight
Andrew: nice
he's been awesome lately
big second half v the Pacers?
me: 41 points
4 3's
8:14 PM 15-19 from the line
Andrew: nice
that's a nice line
you in first yet?
me: 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals
er, no, but 2nd
Andrew: how many points out?
only three assists?
me: he's a shooter, not a passer
8:15 PM Andrew: RIGHT!!!!
me: Dwyane Wade somehow does both
Andrew: yeah
8:16 PM he's like a poor man's Chris Paul
I would kill to have Chris Paul
Maybe I'll offer my whole team for him
and start from there
me: Duhon led team with 5 assists - the whole team just throws the ball at the hoop
Andrew: ha!
8:17 PM so was Keith Olbermann good tonight?
Briggs thinks so
me: haven't watched yet
8:18 PM Andrew: that's the thing that sucks about not having cable - today I would have loved to stare at the idiot box
fucking tired
first day back
never fun
me: you can watch it online
8:19 PM Andrew: really?
the same night?
me: follow them on Twitter and just click on the link
Andrew: follow who?
me: @Count_Down
Andrew: awesome
will do that
hang on
8:20 PM me: Video: McConnell attacking what he doesn’t understand: Feb. 23: Worst Persons: Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., clai..
Andrew: nice
I hate McConnell
and I hate that Fox News guy who interviewed the mayor of Lansing Michigan
8:21 PM me: yeah, i saw that. That mayor ROCKED. should run for the senate or governor or something
Andrew: no Doubt
guy was AWESOME
and I love the Douche
8:22 PM I wasn't talking about health care
well if you were using the bullshit $70/hour you were
you fuck
and even then
it's bullshit
because it factors in production costs
like having the lights on for the workers
the 70/hr
thing has been totally debunked
but on Fox
it's a "fact"
me: those guys are all millionaires
Andrew: fucking ASSWHOLES!

10 minutes
8:33 PM me: UConn coach Jim Calhoun: a DICK
Andrew: really?
what was he getting up to?
8:34 PM me: blew up at reporter who asked about his contract
Andrew: well you know
8:35 PM me: He makes $12 million for the university - yeah, how much do the players get from that?
Andrew: the players?
don't they all go into the NBA?
an d get shoe contracts and make millions of dollars
me: a few, very few
8:36 PM Andrew: no man
can't be

6 minutes
8:43 PM Andrew: have to check that out
8:45 PM me: Sen. Richard Shelby said he hasn't seen Obama's birth certificate - MASSIVE BRAIN DEATH.
Andrew: Oh yeah
I heard about that
but you know
8:46 PM has he seen Reagan's?
has he seen Bush's?
Or Clinton's?
Didn't Clinton go to some point?
And isn't that in
like France or something?
like the west coast of France?
8:47 PM me: yes, i would be wary of anyone that travels abroad for any reason
8:48 PM Andrew: especially during the Vietnam War
I mean
they stayed right here
and protected Wisconsin
and Arkansas
I mean
Cheney was doing some important things
but you know if Wisconsin was attacked
he'd be out there
but notice
8:49 PM they stayed here to protect America
Clinton's fucking French whores and smoking Chinese marijuania
and Obama?
he's like
getting educated by Sadam Bin Laden
and learning how to infiltrate America while his friends in the Chicago Seven
8:50 PM secretly forgre
a Hawaiian document
which is easier than forging a real state's document
because they're like half-Jap
and half-Samoan
me: slant-eyed devils
8:51 PM Andrew: trying to bring this country down
thank God for the brave men and women - non-gay of course - of our militias
8:56 PM me: fish taco
8:57 PM Andrew: dirty!
9:02 PM me: Arianna Huffington: MILF
Andrew: oh?
what brought this on?
me: she's on Countdown
has that accent, too
Andrew: ah
9:03 PM wasn't she married to like some
complete fucking asshole?
me: i don't know about that, but he came out of the closet
Andrew: really?
9:04 PM me: the Gay Republican closet, that is
Andrew: nice
for real?
who knew?
9:06 PM Andrew: looking
9:08 PM me: The couple divorced in 1997, and in 1998 Michael Huffington revealed that he was bisexual.[citation needed] A 1999 magazine article claimed that Arianna Huffington "entered the marriage... with full knowledge of Michael Huffington's sexual interests in men".[3] The financial terms of their divorce agreement remain undisclosed, but Huffington gained most of her wealth from her husband. Arianna Huffington chose to retain her former husband's surname, although she had been known as Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington during the period of her marriage.[citation needed]
9:09 PM Andrew: Nice
Apparently he's been all about trying to turn the Republicans into human beings
good luck with that
me: probably no more conservative than Diane Feinstein
9:10 PM Andrew: yeah right?
it's true
me: she sucks, and not in a good way
9:11 PM Andrew: definitely
so sad
because at one point
it seemed like she'd be cool
way back in the early 80s
9:13 PM here's an oldie but goodie from Arianna:

5 minutes
9:19 PM me: that is a good one
Andrew: Dick Cheney to the rescue!
oh if she had only known
9:21 PM me: Mitch McConnell: T@TALLY FULL@SHIT
Andrew: oh - and he's an asshole!
9:22 PM you have to love it
9:25 PM me: @tanlines is now following @Brian_Eno
Andrew: nice
who is @tanlines
one of those porn tweets?
9:27 PM me: hmmm, it's Sally Kellerman?!
9:28 PM oh yeah, check out:
i have an admirer
Andrew: weird
diarreah/noise band
9:30 PM me: been tweeting for weeks, just noticed
Andrew: mercy
on that cheerful note
sleep calls!
still oddly jetlagged
early morning flight
has thrown me a bit off
leaving artstor for the night
me: sweet dreams
9:31 PM Andrew: thanks!
you too!
9:32 PM me: :D