Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fung's not alone... whining...

Flying the unhappy skies

The University of Michigan people say we passengers are partly to blame for how poorly the airlines are doing in satisfying us because we shop too much for bargain fares, driving profits down, but I think that's ridiculous. If they can't afford to offer the fares, they shouldn't.

I thought the University of Michigan would be smarter than that and come up with something better. Staaaaate schoooool!

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Ranger said...

Air travel is incredibly wasteful and stupid. We should have stopped subsidizing and caring about it long ago. Trains would have been better, but the money we gave to subsidize the automobile industry has been used to destroy most of the country's rail infrastructure. Oh well. And of course the icing in the cake is that planes are all essentially large fuel filled bombs that can be run into large buildings. A special distinction not shared by any other form of transportation.