Friday, October 31, 2008

Da Mare: bring it on

A permit request for the rally says more than 70,000 people will cram into the south end of Grant Park on Election Night.

Mayor Richard Daley on Thursday stoked the celebratory vibe, welcoming people downtown even if they don't have tickets and will have to gather outside the secure area.

Daley has estimated that the throng could reach 1 million. But he said Thursday he had no intention of discouraging attendance.

"You think I'm nuts? You think I'm not going to invite people down? This is a celebration," Daley said. "No way I'm going to tell people they should not come down and celebrate."


Fungster said...

Da city also asked da bosses of da businesses to close early so people can get outta here before the fiesta. Or go to the fiesta if that's their gig. Good luck wid dat.

Rebecca said...

Oh how I miss my mayor...I want to hear what of the presidential candidates say: "You think I'm nuts?!" Even if it's Bob Barr.